New York Jets TOJ Roundtable – 2020 Season Predictions

The TOJ Roundtable gives their final season predictions for the New York Jets in 2020

The TOJ Roundtable gives their season record predictions for the 2020 New York Jets

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What is your predicted record for the 2020 New York Jets?

Matt Gianesses (@jetsopinion)

It’s hard to predict a season outcome with confidence given 2020’s uncontrollable variables. Expect to see sloppy football and poor conditioning early on. (Not just by the Jets, but by everyone.) Confidently, I would bet the Jets finish in the 6-10 to 9-7 range. So much rides on the first four weeks of the year. If the Jets get blown out in Buffalo, the season can take a dark turn, very fast. On the contrary, if the Jets steal one of the first two games, the outlook of the season brightens drastically. If Darnold takes the step every Jet fan has been waiting for, the team can find themselves competing for a wildcard spot come December. (Remember, an extra team in each conference makes the playoffs). Key players NEED to find a way to stay healthy, and the offensive line NEEDS to play significantly better than last year’s for a successful season to occur. The schedule is not an easy one. It will be an uphill fight all year long. Final prediction: 7-9

Joe Belic (@joejet_5)

As we approach the beginning of the season, many of us are left wondering where the Jets will land. After doing a review of their OL, I’m a bit more optimistic about the final destination. I was already high on Mekhi and McGovern, but George Fant is a better than expected tackle, and Greg Van Roten is a scrappy dude who wins with toughness and effort. Van Roten is like the Jets’ version of Rudy, except he’s talented enough to suit up on Sundays, but don’t get too excited, I doubt anybody will be carrying him off the field on their shoulders at MetLife Stadium anytime soon. With a beleaguered WR group and OL featuring five new starters, Sam will initially have to cope with less than ideal conditions. Still, as the season progresses, units will improve, and the team as a whole will perform better. I expect Sam to take the next step, Bell to return to form, Chris Herndon to emerge as one of the top tight ends in the league, and Gregg Williams to do his thing on defense and allow the Jets to keep it close versus some tough teams. Nevertheless, the fanbase should fasten their seatbelts. All of this won’t be enough to capture the newly coveted seven spot in the NFL playoffs, and unfortunately, I expect Gang Green to finish the season 7-9.

Daniel Essien (@jetsandjollof)

The Jets get off to a slow start. They start 1-3 through the first 4, with their only victory in a close game against the Colts. They split the next 4, with wins over the Bills and Chargers, as the offense improves with Mims returning. The Jets, again, split the next 4, losing to a rejuvenated Cam Newton in week 9 and then in Miami week 10 but following that up with consecutive wins after the bye. Then, in the final stretch, they drop 3 out of 4, finishing the season with a meaningless win over New England. So the Jets finish 6-10. Sam Darnold has an average year statistically with around 3600 yards, 25 TDs, and 12 INTs, completing 63% of his passes at a rate of 7 yards per attempt. Bell gets heavily used early on and then slowly phased out of the offense as the season progresses. He then parts with the team in the offseason. Becton is a bright spot all season long and a constant feature in Baldy’s breakdowns. Ownership is not willing to fire Gase because they do not want to spend on another search and have another coach’s contract on their books. We go again.