New York Jets TOJ Pick Six – Week One Edition

Greg Armstrong answers your New York Jets twitter questions for week one…

Football is BACK (I had to pinch myself and tried not to get too excited until there was actually football on my tv). We made it everyone. Throughout the year, I’ll be putting out the bat signal for questions on twitter every Tuesday or Wednesday and we’ll do this pick six every week. Thank you to all that submitted questions. 

I think Jets fans mostly all agree that Crowder is the guy this year for Sam Darnold unless Chris Herndon can stay healthy. However, Crowder doesn’t fit the typical description of a “number one” receiver. You know, guys like Julio Jones or Nuk Hopkins or Michael Thomas or pick your favorite. There are only a handful of guys who I think can be classified as “number one receivers”, or guys that demand special attention from opposing defensive coordinators week in and week out.

Crowder is a great option for Darnold and I would bet on him being the Jets #1 WR this season. Whether he fits that description as a #1 WR is a different story. Julian Edelman is the #1 guy for New England but he’s not referred to as a #1 WR. The Jets will be fine Crowder and he’ll get a lot of the target share this year with seemingly every Jets receiver injured.

I loved Hakeem Butler coming out college. On a now inaccessible podcast episode that was recored in October of 2018, I had him as my WR1. The Jets should be looking to take fliers on guys like Butler. Really good in college, can go up and get the ball but fell victim to a numbers game in Arizona coupled with being injured in his rookie year. Not addressing WR in the draft outside of Denzel Mims was a huge mistake. The Jets are now in a position where they need to take swings on guys like Butler just to get by this season.

Mims’ draft stock was all over the place throughout the process. After the season he was talked about as a late round steal and most mocks I did or saw had him in that area. Then he balled out at the Senior Bowl and there were conversations that he could go towards the end of the first round. Then, as always happens, that didn’t hold up as we got closer to the draft.

Is he a Jeudy, Lamb or Ruggs type talent? I don’t think he’s there at this point. But if he can get/stay healthy and can contribute year one while having something to build on with Darnold, I could see us having a conversation in a few years centered around how the Jets got an absolute steal where they got Mims.

Great question Lou. I am in the camp that until the receivers are healthy, you should take some swings on high upside guys who maybe fell through the cracks due to the numbers game or some other reason. However, we just don’t know what the season is going to look like. In these weird times, I think you just have to tread water with the guys who have been in the building all camp and hope the guys who are injured can return faster than you think. They’re going to know the offense and have the better chance to succeed (in relative terms) with Darnold this season. It’s not looking great for the receiver room!

Next season, I think the only locks on the OL would be Becton, McGovern and Clark. If I had to guess, the OL gets a blue chip player in the 2021 draft while also adding some depth pieces in free agency. Joe Douglas wants to build from the inside out and having a bevy of draft picks puts him in a good position to do so.

I don’t think they’re going to be very good record wise this season which would put them in a position to get a very good OL and a WR with their two first round picks. If Penei Sewell is off the board, give me Ja’Marr Chase from LSU and Trey Smith from Tennessee. The tight ends I think stay pat with Ryan Griffin and Chris Herndon. Le’Veon Bell is as good as gone. Sucks to say but he’s not going to be here next season. I would think Douglas would try to build through the draft at this position. Personally, if a Chuba Hubbard or Najee Harris are on the board in the second or third rounds, I would be open to taking one of them.

What’s the Jets record this season?

I’m doing this one on my own. The schedule is tougher than last year and the Jets aren’t going to have the coaching advantage or roster advantage in many, if any, of their games this season. If I had to peg a record it would be 5-11 with a one game swing either way. There are going to be weeks where they’re not competitive as early as the third quarter. It’ll be rough. But hey, football is back!