New York Jets – The Johnson Bros Need to Go

Matthew Marciano on why the New York Jets need an ownership change…

The Johnson Brothers as owners of the NY Jets just do not get how to run a football team. Let’s face it – as Jets fans we are always frustrated with some aspect of this team. From keeping the same coach well past when they should have been fired, to never addressing free agency needs and bringing top name free agents to the team, to making draft mistake after draft mistake. However, Jets owner Christopher Johnson saying earlier this week that he fully supports embattled Jets head coach Adam Gase and that he is an “offensive mastermind” shows how beyond clueless Jets ownership are with what is really going on and they need to sell this team. It is frustrating that the Jets fans have had to endure for years, especially the past couple of years, with a very mediocre Sam Darnold and one of the worst head coaches in the NFL, Adam Gase.

If I were the Jets owner I would have never even interviewed Adam Gase to be my head coach, or even to be an assistant coach on my team. He was an awful coach for a division rival, when he coached the Miami Dolphins and never had the respect of the locker room in Miami. The same could be said about the Jets. In addition, look at how poor Ryan Tannehill played as quarterback when he had Gase as his head coach and how improved he has been without Gase coaching him as the Quarterback of the Tennessee Titans, leading them to the AFC Championship Game last year.
The Jets should have hired Mike McCarthy. The Jets could have even hired Matt Rhule or Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy, who is the real offensive mastermind among NFL coaches, not Gase.
Why ownership thinks Gase is a good coach, or not mandating a much better season out of him, especially after the horrible season opener against the Bills, shows that the Johnson bros need to go and sell this team to someone who will bring in a big name head coach (throwing as much money on an actual credible and good head coaching candidate) and top tier free agents to the Jets.
I am afraid that as bad as it appears the Jets will play this year, Jets ownership will keep Gase and Sam Darnold at quarterback, when Darnold is not the answer as a franchise quarterback. He is horrible to watch, makes bad decisions and whether Gase or anyone else was coaching Darnold, I do not see him as the Jets quarterback of the future.
The Jets need an aggressive owner who actually knows a thing or two about football and how to run an organization. Christopher Johnson does not have that skill set or proper football knowledge to be the owner that will turn around this doomed Jets franchise. If I were Johnson I would have stated that this team needs to show improvement very quickly or there will be a coaching change sooner rather than later. One would imagine whenever Adam Gase leaves the Jets, he will be lucky to be a receivers coach in this, let alone an offensive coordinator. The Johnson brothers need to spend their fortune on a new quarterback and a big name top head coach to bring this back from the gutter that they are currently under due to the Johnsons, Gase and even Joe Douglas, who has yet to impress me with any of his free agent or draft moves.