New York Jets Secondary Review – Week 2

Michael Meegan breaks down the New York Jets secondary in week 2

The Jets secondary was atrocious on Sunday against San Francisco.  Jimmy Garappolo   carved up the secondary on one leg completing 14 out of 16 passes for 131 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Seeing that the Jets were no threat Nick Mullens played the second half and the Jets struggled to stop him as well.  In a week with very few positives lets hand out some awards!

The Honeymoon is Over, Marcus Maye, Maye followed his best performance in a Jets jersey week 1 with one of his worse in week 2.  Jordan Reed took Maye’s lunch money all day going for 7 catches for 50 yards and 2 TD’s.  I would say this performance by Maye made Jets fans miss Jamal Adams but after watching a 34-year-old Julian Edelmen consistently burn the former Jet safety Sunday was a bad day for both safeties taken by Mike Macagnan in the 2017 draft.

A Frustrating Debut, Quincy Wilson- A lot of Jets fans were excited about the trade for Wilson as he was an ascending young player who after 2 solid years fell off a cliff due to a scheme change and the Colts cut bait.  Wilson looked promising in his debut but it was cut too short with a concussion knocking him out early in the first half on Sunday.  Hopefully he recovers in time for his revenge game against his former team on Sunday.

Fool’s Gold, Pierre Desir- Desir had an underwhelming debut last week and he was not much better in week 2.  He got a lucky interception after a tipped ball that reminds fans a lot of the Trumaine Johnson one against New England last year.  Desir has said his rough performances have been caused by his hamstring injury that hampered him all camp but I have to see it to believe it.

A Welcome Return, Brian Poole- After a rough debut Poole looked much more like his 2019 self in week 2.  Pole had a nice pass breakup and a TFL in the run game.  The 49ers WR group was severely banged up so let’s hope Poole can keep it up with the Broncos and Cardinals stacked WR groups on the horizon.  

Just make a tackle man, Bless Austin– I love how aggressive Bless Austin and his willingness to lay the wood is a great attribute to have.  But the angles he took in open space to make the tackle were horrendous.  Too often he missed the tackle or just got beat bad.  When Jerrick Mackinnon rushed for 51 yards on the infamous 3rd and 31 Bless could have easily stopped him for a 5 yard gain but the angle he took was so bad that Mackinnon easily stepped by him untouched and was off to the races.  Bless is a good young player but there is a rawness to his game that needs to be ironed out sooner rather than later.