New York Jets Sad Truth – It Is Not Just Adam Gase’s Fault

Dylan Price on the New York Jets ownership problem…

Yes, Adam Gase is one of the worst, if not the worst coach in the league. Still, even though most of the poor play of the Jets early has been on Gase’s shoulders, and rightfully so, not all of it should be.

Yesterday was another abysmal performance by the New York Jets. This team looked under planned, out coached, out performed and mentally defeated before the first snap. That kind of mentality and performance is a direct reflection of the coaching staff. Adam Gase has been the shining example of Jets fans disappointment. After coming over from Miami, the Jets have gone 7-11 under Gase. 9 of those 11 losses have been by more than double digits. 2 of those 7 wins were against teams that were either injured from top to bottom or resting starters for the playoffs. The fact is, Adam Gase is an awful Coach and if you’re a Jets fan, you don’t need me to sit here and reiterate that to you. The thing is, it’s not all on him and it’s incredibly hard to admit.

It’s On The Owners

See, when the New York Jets were deciding on the successor to Todd Bowles, it felt like anyone was a better option. Jets fans wanted former Super Bowl Champion Coach and now Cowboys Coach Mike McCarthy or Chiefs Offensive Guru Eric Bieniemy. The leader though for the job seemed to be then Baylor Head Coach and now Panthers coach Matt Rhule, but they got Adam Gase. In a move that stunned a majority of Jets fans, one aspect of it gets often overlooked…The Jets were said to have wanted Matt Rhule.

Reports have said that the Jets wanted Rhule but came to a disagreement over his coaching staff. Rhule reportedly wanted to appoint his own coaches and the Jets wanted to arrange him with Gregg Williams rather than let him have his long time coordinator, now Panthers DC, Phil Snow. The two sides amicably decided it wasn’t a fit and Rhule returned to Baylor and now resides in Carolina.

Now, whether or not those rumors hold any truth may never be known, but in the end Gase was the hire. So, what earned him the job? Was it his mediocre track record? Maybe his lack of original or innovative play calling? Nope, it was a call from Peyton Manning. Yes, a call from a guy who had zero affiliation with the Jets sealed their fate for last season and this one. Don’t get me wrong, Manning is one of the brightest football minds I’ve ever seen, but he’s not the guy who should decide that, it’s the ownership.

See, the whole handling of the Jets coaching search was piss poor. For starters, they let then General Manager Mike Maccaganan have a huge voice in the decision, only for him to be fired a few months later. The Jets then let a football legend seal their decision rather than trust their own intuition. The team failed to grasp the basic ideal that maybe, just maybe the OWNERS should choose their coach of the future. I’m sure the team wanted Gase and thought he would be a good coach, but that in itself shows the lack of football prowess the ownership has.

Between rumors of foul play with UK Ambassador and one half of the ownership, Woody Johnson and the poor handling of the Jamal Adams situation, the team continues to handle this organization with no regard to the floundering culture.

See, I brought up the poor handling of the coaching search, the rumors of poor planning, and scandals to prove one point, it’s on the ownership. Chris Johnson said, in good faith, that a coach who chooses to play such conservative and unimaginative football that makes watching paint dry sound more appealing, had a brilliant offensive mind. The Johnsons lack zero football intelligence and its more evident with the fact Gase even still has a job then with anything else. Yes, Gase deserves the blame for how badly this team has played, but in the end he’ll only be the fall guy. When the dust settles and Gase is done playing coach, it will be more evident then ever that the failure is just another feather in the cap of the incompetent Jets organization.