New York Jets – Make or Break Year for Sam Darnold?

Matthew Marciano on if this is a make or break year for Sam Darnold…

All right Jets fans! We are getting closer to the start of the regular season and of course, just like any season for the Jets there are a lot of questions. For one, will Adam Gase make it through the entire season as head coach if the Jets collapse as the season progresses? Will the defense be as good without disgruntled safety Jamal Adams? How are the Jets going to do it once again, with no core wide receivers or tight ends for Sam Darnold to throw to? Those are all important questions, especially the one about Adam Gase.

The biggest question for the Jets is whether or not Sam Danrold is the franchise quarterback, entering his third year with the Jets, that he was drafted to be. My answer to that question is no. I have gotten a lot of flack from Jets fans who still think Darnold will be the franchise quarterback to lead this team to a Super Bowl. They should be lucky if he leads them to the playoffs.

I also caught some flack from some fans, who did not get, after I commented about a Jets question on Twitter why I would want another quarterback to compete with Darnold for the starting job. The answer to that is he just does not have the intangibles, whether he has a strong offensive line or receiver corps to be a good quarterback. I would have liked the Jets to have been aggressive in free agency this past offseason and signed Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers or even Nick Foles to compete with Darnold and to light a fire under him. The honest truth about Darnold is he lacks no spark at all. He does not have a great personality or swagger of a quarterback to lead them and it sort of seems like he is forced to do the job and does not seem to enjoy it.

Joe Flacco, who is not even medically cleared by this week to be Darnold’s backup has not been the best quarterback as of late, as I do not see Darnold learning much from him, or Flacco ever being able to challenge Darnold for the starting job or doing better than Darnold, if he is benched for poor play.

The Jets need this to be a make or break year for Darnold. He has been underwhelming and has not performed well in the New York City media marker, one of the toughest places to be a professional athlete and to lead a sports franchise. My top priority, if I were the General Manager of the Jets would be to fire Adam Gase  by the end of the season and if Darnold does not do a good job this year, he needs to go and the Jets either have to bring in a competent free agent veteran, which they should have done this offseason or draft another quarterback in the first round next year. The time is ticking on Darnold and if he cannot light it up this year, he needs to go.