New York Jets 1st & Forever – The Adam Gase Rant

Stephen Russo with his 1st and 10 rant on the New York Jets and Adam Gase


I’m guilty. I allowed myself to buy in… sort of. I let my desire to remain objective cloud my judgment. Now let me be clear; I was out on the Gase hire when it was made. I was all the way out on it. I was in the “anybody but Gase” camp. But, when they made the hire, I figured I had to make the best of it. I probably gave him more credit than what was due for a 6-2 finish in 2019. I allowed him to convince me here and there with the little things – the quips, the snarky replies to reporters, Sam Darnold’s belief in him, and yes, Chris Simms interview with Connor Rogers on the Badlands podcast. I thought that maybe there was more to him than meets the eye. Maybe there are things that I am not seeing that is going to lead to him being better than what I thought I knew. I even went as far as texting my father that I thought I was “warming up” to Gase on the Thursday before the season opener.

Boy, was I wrong. 

Gase is who he is. He is who we all knew he was. He’s the guy we knew from Miami. He’s the guy we know from 18 games in New York. He is a loser. A blame everyone but himself, arrogant, my system trumps all, ride Peyton Manning’s coat tails for as long as I possibly can, loser. Are we all in agreement?

The question is, when is acting owner Christopher Johnson going to see what we all already know? This guy has taken Sam Darnold,  a Favre-like gunslinger who can razzle dazzle and put an entire team on his back, and turned him into a sloppy check down quarterback who looks like he’s got the “any drive that ends in a kick is a success” mantra tattooed on his forearm. This is ridiculous! The supposed quarterback whisperer who was supposed to turn our saving grace, our beacon of hope, our once and for all shot at rekindling Joe Namath’s magic, into a top 5 QB in the NFL, has actually turned him into the biggest question mark this franchise has seen. How is it not clear as day to Christopher Johnson that this guy is the problem?

Adam Gase is successful at one thing: ruining my Sundays. I have, for some reason, waited patiently for 8 months to watch the Jets play in hopes of seeing two things: Sam Darnold progress and for the Jets to play something that resembles competitive football that gives me hope. He has effectively shut those down in 2 weeks.

There is no hope. Most, if not all Jets fans, gave this guy a very low bar to clear. He has fallen unbelievably short. All of us simply wanted to watch meaningful Jets football around Thanksgiving… this guy has ruined it before Columbus Day.

& Forever…

1. 11 targets, 7 receptions, and 42 yards for Chris Herndon in an offense where I could suit up at wide receiver right now is on a whole new level of incompetence. Not one target in the middle of the field and no effort to feed him the ball is downright ridiculous.

2. Is it just me, or does it feel like every yard the Jets gain takes an insane amount of work? Every other team in the NFL gets guys open here and there for easy completions. It’s like the Jets have a jumbotron behind them telling the defense what play they’re running.

3. I think Alec Ogletree would lose to Billy Bob from Varsity Blues in a 40-yard dash.

4. Adam Gase has made it a point to get the Jets in more 3rd and manageable situations. Does that mean that he’s actively trying to avoid converting a first down when it’s not 3rd down?

5. Punting while losing by 18 points on a 4th and 5 after watching another wide receiver screen on 3rd and 10 is my very definition of hell.

6. Henry Anderson stinks and that may go down as one of the worst contracts in Jets history.

7. Quinnen Williams showed up on Sunday. Last week I called him Leonard Williams 2.0. I hope he continues to prove me wrong.

8. Mekhi Becton looks like the real deal through 2 games and is clearly the Jets lone bright spot on offense thus far. Credit to Joe Douglas for that pick.

9. We give credit to Joe Douglas for Becton and the improved offensive line (through 2 games), and we should absolutely blame him for this receiving corps. What this group looks like right now in a make or break year for your young quarterback is criminal – and it is absolutely on Joe Douglas’ shoulders.

10. 3rd and 31… that is all.

11. So much focus is on Adam Gase and the offense, which has been terrible. But Gregg Williams defense has also been disappointing. They can’t tackle, can’t get off the field on 3rd down, and look slow. It needs to turn around, quickly.

12. Having “no good play calls” on 4th and goal from the 7-yard line in a game when you’re down by 21 points is exactly the answer I’d expect from a brilliant offensive mind.

13. In Darnold’s rookie season, the Jets had games where they scored 48, 34, 42, 27, and 38 points. They also had games where they lost, but were within a possession of the lead or tying the game. That was under Todd Bowles and Jeremy Bates! Under genius Adam Gase, in 18 games the Jets offense has managed to score 30 points one time and more than 20 points on only 5 occasions. They have only been within one score in a loss once… One time! The Jets have lost 10 of 11 games coached by Gase by double digits.

14. Ask yourself one question: Are you excited for Lawrence Cager to suit up this weekend? The answer is probably yes, and that is an indictment of Joe Douglas and his monumental mistakes with this receiving corps.

15. Do we think the Jets are trying to score points by moving the ball down the field? Or is Adam Gase trying to see the least amount of yards he can gain while still running 10+ plays?

16. Watching Kalen Ballage get carries in a 31-6 game is also in my definition of hell.

17. Sam Darnold’s touchdown throw to Braxton Berrios is why Jets fans have hope… and exactly why we resent Adam Gase for ruining him.

18. The 3rd and 4th and 1 play calls were abysmal. As soon as Josh Adams got stuffed, the game was sealed.

19. I think Sam Darnold should go Willie Beamen and start calling his own plays in the huddle.

20. My day job is a Regional Sales Manager. I know, I know, most of you thought I wrote for #TOJ full time, but I do have a day job. And if I were to tell my boss that I am a brilliant sales manager, however, was unable to ever hit a sales target, open up a new account, make a successful sales call, or get any of my team members to hit their sales objectives, he would kick me to the curb in an instant. And rightfully so.

How Christopher Johnson continues to blindly back Adam Gase in the absence of proof while he continues to have a bottom feeding offense and has yet to produce without Peyton Manning is beyond infuriating. In the last 5 seasons and 2 games, Gase’s offenses have ranked 21, 24, 25, 31, 32 and 32nd in yards and 23, 17, 28, 26, 31, and 31st in points.

What more do you need, Mr. Johnson?!