Matt’s Week Two Takes – Jets Keep Getting Worse

Matthew Marciano with observations on the New York Jets week 2 blowout loss

Watching the Jets play another embarrassing game this week, for their home opener, in which they lost to the San Francisco 49ers 31-13, shows just how bad of a season is upon us as Jets fans.

There are many things to point about this week two loss to the 49ers. First off the 49ers were playing, as the game went on, without some of their star players, such as Quarterback Jimmy Garroppolo, WR George Kittle and DE Nick Bosa. Despite some of their best players not on the field from them, the Niners were able to take care of the Jets, which started with the first play from scrimmage from the Niners, a yard touchdown run from Raheem Mostert (who also got injured later in this game).

The Jets on offense continue to look bad, the play calling by Adam Gase is terrible (so much for Gase being “the offensive genius” Christopher Johnson described him as being earlier this week) and the defense cannot sack, stop a run or force any major plays throughout the game. As much as I thought Jamal Adams was an ego maniac, without his presence in the Jets secondary, the Jets look even worse.

What has annoyed me even more about the Jets and the moves management has not made, is look at how good the Patriots have played with Cam Newton as their quarterback replacing Tom Brady. They are 1-1 and almost defeated the Seahawks in a thriller of a game in week two. In the offseason, when I suggested the Jets make a run to sign Newton, who was a free agent available for the longest time, many Jets fans thought I was crazy for making that suggestion. To them I say, how is Sam Darnold doing for you this season? In the offseason I wrote that Newton could have challenged and won the starting job from Darnold, as the Jets needed a competent veteran quarterback to compete with Darnold to win the starting job. Who knows how Newton would have played in an Adam Gase offense, but he should have been a serious consideration for a signing the Jets should have made in the offseason.

Also, another person that the Jets passed on, to my disgust, was current Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy. Look at how well McCarthy helped his team with their epic comeback against the Atlanta Falcons this past week. I doubt he would have kicked field goals, like Gase has done in the past two games, when he was down by double digits. For all the Jets fans who did not get the appeal of McCarthy as head coach, just look at what he is doing for Cowboys and how he could have developed Darnold more than Gase is currently doing.

The Jets next week play the Colts and another veteran quarterback I would have signed last offseason to compete with Darnold, Phillip Rivers. The Colts have been playing well this season with Rivers and expect them to put up a lot of points against the horrible Jets defense.

The Jets still have to play the likes of the Patriots, Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks, Chiefs and Chargers and this season, already after week two, is over. The Jets ownership better hold Gase’s feet to the fire and have him out the door by mid-season, if this continues, so they can get an early start on their next head coaching search, so they do not screw it up again, like they did when they hired Gase. As for Darnold, even with Mike McCarthy or Matt Rhule coaching him, I doubt he would be much more improved. He needs to go as well at the end of the season and the Jets better take Trevor Lawrence in the draft next year as they need a franchise quarterback and a good offensive coach to coach him. The current incumbents in both positions for the Jets are sorely lacking both of those qualities.

These awful games need to stop. The Jets have never held a lead in their two games this season and have not even been competitive in any of these games. If this continues and the Jets lose to the Colts (very likely) and lose to the Broncos on Thursday Night Football, a game they should at least be competitive in with a backup quarterback playing for the Broncos, enough is enough. Make Gregg Williams the Interim Head Coach, do not consider him for the permanent position, and bring in a big time head coach who can turn this team around, sooner rather than later. Jets fan have suffered enough.