Matt’s Week Three Takes – Hoping For A Jets Loss Thursday Night

Matt Marcinao with his thoughts and review of the New York Jets week 3 blowout loss

Covering the Jets in a weekly column after one of their games this season has been rather easy and could almost be a column where I cut and paste my thoughts from my previous column from the week before as almost nothing has changed from the week before. Here are some the same storylines that have come and go each and every week – Sam Darnold has regressed and does not look like a franchise quarterback in this league, the Jets defense has been a mess since the departure of Jamal Adams and have I mentioned before the Adam Gase should have never been hired as the Jets head coach and needs to be fired yesterday?

Looking at the Jets 36-7 less to the Colts yesterday, you see once again that the Jets are playing worse than a pop warner football team. They cannot score, they turn the ball over a lot on offense and the defense cannot effectively blitz or tackle if their lives depended on it. Let’s start with the play of Sam Darnold. On the Jets first drive of the game, Darnold had the Jets making strides on the offensive side of the football, almost getting the Jets to midfield. Then Darnold threw an interception, right to the Colts defense, that was returned for a touchdown. That was the first of two interceptions returned for a touchdown in the game.

While the Jets scored on their next drive and marched down the field, I was thinking that there was a chance (though very slim) that the Jets could not win this game, but at least make it somewhat competitive. Obviously for the third week in a row, that did not happen. I will have to say this again and I am sure some Jets fans will not like me saying it but Sam Darnold is not the long-term solution for the Jets or even a franchise quarterback in this league. I am also tired of hearing that Darnold is not playing well due to his supporting cast on offense, namely lack of depth at wide receiver and running back. My take is that you could put all-pro receivers on the Jets and Darnold would still not play well. You could have Mike McCarthy coaching Darnold and while he would play slightly better than how he has played under Gase, he still would not be the solution for the Jets at quarterback. It is almost painful watching Darnold and the Jets offense this season.

As for the defense, Gregg Williams has not been doing a great job either. The Jets gave up 36 points to the Colts offense, led by a veteran quarterback that the Jets should have signed in this past offseason, Phillip Rivers. They cannot effectively tackle, blitz the quarterback and create turnovers that is needed for the Jets to score and stay competitive in games. They have to be one of the worst defenses in the league. There are some teams that may not have the best offense but have a competitive defense that keep the team in the game. That cannot be said this season for the Jets defense.

There were reports before the game from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that Jets owner Christopher Johnson, due to fan complaints (hopefully he is reading this column each week) are now looking into whether Adam Gase is the long-term solution at head coach for the Jets. He wasn’t the long-term solution when he was hired and he is not the answer now. There are even reports that if the Jets fall at home to the Broncos on Thursday Night, Gase may be let go. I am hoping for a Jets loss against the Broncos on Thursday. At the very least, it will increase fan pressure for the Jets to fire Gase and start the process to once again rebuild this team for next season.