Matt’s Week One Takes – New York Jets Are Worst Team In NFL

Matthew Marciano with his week 1 takes on the New York Jets…

There are several things that can be taken from the Jets loss to the Buffalo Bills. For one, they still do not have an offense and their quarterback is horrible. Also the team cannot blitz or do anything meaningful on defense. But the most important take on this game if you are a Jets fan is simple. The Jets are going to be the worst team in the NFL this year (they may even match the 1-15 Jets team coached by Rich Kotite) if they played like they did against the Bills.

First off, when you look at Josh Allen (who was available for the Jets to draft when they drafted Sam Darnold) compared to Sam Darnold. You see one who is a true franchise quarterback who can run out of the pocket, is difficult to tackle and throws the ball to his open receivers. Then there is Sam Darnold who continues to look like a deer in a headlight week after week and cannot throw to an open receiver if his life depended on it. Allen put on a clinic in this game on how a quarterback should play and improve from game to game, while Darnold continues to baffle me as I wonder why some Jets fans think he is the next coming of Joe Namath. He may not even be as good as Geno Smith at this point.

The Jets offense always runs the ball and let’s be honest here – Le’Veon Bell is a shell of his former self from his Steeler days and all the money they used to sign Bell two seasons ago would have been better spent on paying a big name wide receiver to come to the Jets. When the Jets do throw the ball, it is hardly down the field and the receivers never catch it. The Jets being the cheap Jets should have signed Robby Anderson, who caught an important touchdown with his new team, the Carolina Panthers. Instead they go for the bargain basement of receivers in free agency who do not know how to catch a football. Once again, for all the Jets fans who wanted money spent in the off-season on the offensive line and defense do you notice that there are no wide receivers who are franchise wide receivers on this team or who can catch a football?

People did not get why I have written about Sam Darnold not being the answer and how the Jets should have spent money on getting Phillip Rivers, Andy Dalton, Cam Newton or Nick Foles on the team, instead of Joe Flacco to compete with Darnold for the starting job. The fact here is that Darnold is not going to improve at all this season and needs to be benched if he continues to stink it up week after week. The cheap Jets ownership once again missed a chance to sign a franchise veteran quarterback to compete with Darnold.

The defense is also a mess and while Jamal Adams was a cancer on this team, his presence is being missed on a Jets defense who could not tackle Josh Allen, blitz effectively, tackle and commit penalty after penalty in this game. For a Gregg Williams-led defense they looked horrible. And Quinnen Williams? He should be shown the door as well at the end of the season. In my humble opinion both Williams and Darnold have the makings of draft bust written all over them.

Let’s get to my favorite topic – coaching. Remember when Mike McCarthy, the Super Bowl-winning coach of the Packers, who helped develop Aaron Rodgers into the franchise quarterback he is, was available to coach the Jets? Remember that no other team was interested in hiring him and he said he wanted to coach the Jets? Look who the Jets got in his place? Clueless and emotionless Adam Gase. A horrible hire who may go down as one of the worst Jets coaches in Jets history. If the team continues to play like this, he should not finish the season and should be fired. Every time Gase was shown on the sidelines, he was looking at and writing on his play chart. How did that work out for him? Does this man ever yell or light a fire under his players? The Jets need to throw as much money at a credible and veteran head coach to come in here and change the culture and dynamics of this team. Stat.

If the Jets continue to play as horrible as they did against the Bills, they may be the worst team in football. The only good that can come with that set of horrible news would be that the Jets would get rid of Adam Gase and be in a position to draft Trevor Lawrence in the NFL draft next year and right off the bat would be a major upgrade over Sam “deer in headlights” Darnold.