NFL Draft 2021 – The Preseason Big Board

Greg Armstrong with his preseason New York Jets Big Board…

While there may be a bunch of college players who won’t be playing this season, unfortunately, it’s still never too early to talk NFL Draft (this is a Jets site). I’ll be updating this throughout the season after I’ve watched more film on guys, when I have more time, etc. But for now, lets start out with an initial 10 person big board tailored for the New York Jets. 

You can make the case he’s the best player in college football. Period stop. If you are a take Trevor Lawrence guy this year I want you to immediately stop reading this article and throw your phone/laptop/ipad or whatever is you’re reading this on into a river.

Not that we’ve weeded out the bad people, Sewell comes in and immediately is the starting tackle. Joe Douglas wants to build this thing from the inside out and having a core of Becton, Sewell and McGovern for the foreseeable future is an incredible help to Sam Darnold. If Sewell’s there when the Jets are drafting, you take him.

I feel like we say this every single year but the JETS HAVENT HAD A TRUE EDGE RUSHER SINC…*laptop explodes*

Rousseau is far from a finished product but is my favorite edge rusher in this class. You can stand him up, put his hand in the dirt, put him over the nose, maybe line him up at corner, have him coach the team, whatever it is you ask him to do he can do it.  He’s still gonna fill out his frame once he gets to the league and that’s going to do him wonders. The only real knock on him is that he tends to win based off pure athleticism at this point in his career. That’ll change once he gets into an NFL system.


The best and my favorite WR in this class by far. You want YAC? Ja’Marr Chase will give you that. A guy that wins at the catch point? Ja’Marr Chase will give you that as well. He immediately becomes Sam Darnolds best target once he walks into the building. Pair those two with Eric Bieniemy and we’ve got ourselves the making of a potentially lethal offensive for the Jets.

The best corner in this years draft. The injuries do concern me with him (ACL tear in 2017, back issues in 2019) but his play I don’t have many concerns with. A great man to man corner who equally excels in press coverage, Farley is the exact type of guy that Gregg Williams dreams of. Tough, physical and can be left on an island. He has all the tools to be the next great CB in the NFL but it just depends on health.

If Surtain II is going to play with his mouthpiece dangling, then he immediately becomes the number one player on my big board. However since we have limited tape on that, he clocks in as CB2 and 6th overall for the Jets big board. Son of Patrick Surtain, Surtain II checks out on the physical side as an ideal corner at 6’1″ 203 pounds. Surtain is a more patient CB than Farley but when he attacks, he’s just as good at mirroring his receiver. The Alabama DB thing scares me (it’s stupid I know but Dee Milliner will forever leave that bad taste) but I’m willing to take the gamble on Surtain II.

Micah Parsons is that good to where I would consider drafting him if I’m the Jets. I love CJ Mosley as much as anyone but we’ve only seen two healthy quarters of him in green and white. Blake Cashman is a fine player but injuries are a concern. Avery Williamson won’t be around for too much longer. Parsons is a rangy linebacker who can rush the passer at an efficient clip and with his athleticism, can match up some in coverage even though we didn’t see a whole ton of that at Penn State. Linebacker isn’t necessarily that high up on the Jets needs at this point but Parsons is such a great prospect that he deserves to be here.

Give Sam Darnold all the weapons. You may remember Smith as the guy who caught the game winning touchdown against Georgia in the Natty in 2018 but he was stuck behind guys by the names of Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs last season (stuck is a little bit of a stretch but you get the idea). Smith reminds me a little of Robby Anderson with a little less speed. He’ll need to work on adding muscle and basically taking the trajectory that we saw Sun God take in his time with the Jets. A guy who I wanted last year if he entered the draft. The Jets might be in position to snag him with that second first rounder to help bolster the decrepit receiver room the team has now.

Unfortunately, as of this moment, we won’t get to see Wade in action this year due to the Big Ten postponing their season. More of a nickel corner, Wade was going to get the opportunity to be CB1 this season after Jeff Okudah left for the draft last season. Kyle Crabbs describes him as a “tone setting player” to go along with his aggressiveness. That’s exactly what I want in my corners. It remains to be seen if Brian Poole will be here for the long run but adding Wade and grooming him to play outside could pay dividends.

Moore reminds me of Quincy Enunwa. He’s like a running back when catches the ball and is a trip to get down. A big YAC guy, Moore is a slithery snake out on the field. There are injury and durability concerns that come along with him but Moore would be a great addition in the short and intermediate game to help Darnold.

Rounding out my top 10 is more OL help. The Jets still have pieces to fill on the OL and pairing Leatherwood with Becton protecting Darnold is a dream. He’s 6’6″, 310 pounds which means we would have two towers at tackle for Darnold to stand behind. Not bad. He needs technique work but he’s incredibly strong and skilled in both the pass and run games. If Sewell is off the board, Leatherwood would be a fun consolation.