Initial Reaction – Le’Veon Bell vs. Adam Gase

Stephen Zantz with thoughts on the New York Jets scrimmage from yesterday….

The Jets played a game yesterday against themselves and still found a way to generate negative media attention. Le’Veon Bell was limited to 3 plays during the intrasquad scrimmage before being pulled by the coaching staff due to “hamstring tightness”. This led to Bell expressing his dissatisfaction with Gase’s decision on Twitter. Here is my initial reaction to this ugly situation.

The following tweet by Le’Veon says a lot despite it being only a few words. The disconnect between Bell and Gase dates back to the firing of Mike Maccagnan when reports surfaced a disagreement between Gase and Mac on signing Bell. Gase reportedly insisted he didn’t need a star runningback being paid a premium for his offensive system. While I agree with the logic of not overpaying for a RB, the Jets at the time were in dire need of offensive talent. When Trenton Cannon and an older Bilal Powell were you RBs, you have a problem. Bell is one of the best runningbacks to hit the field over the past 10-15 years. His combination of vision to find running holes as well as his ability to make plays as a receiver cannot be understated. I was 100% onboard with bringing Bell in to give the offense a jolt and legit playmaker. With that said, there is zero and I mean zero reason a 37-year old Frank Gore should be getting a bulk of the work during an intrasquad scrimmage over Bell. If anything the logic Gase for resting Bell should be used for resting Gore. Gore has been in the league for 15 seasons and is on his last legs. Bell needs all the reps he can take to get familiar with this brand new offensive line.

My hope is that all the smoke that came from this incident blows over the next few days. The one thing I love about Bell is his ability to take the high road when people try to bring him down. Last season he always found a way to say the right things despite being rumored to be traded at the deadline or having rifts with Gase. I’m confident he moves past this by the end of the week. With that said, Adam Gase needs to listen and listen good. Find ways to give Bell the damn ball. The receivers on this team (no offense to any of them) are not scaring any opposing teams this season. Buffalo should be a lot of fun when Frank Gore gets 12 carries like @JCaporoso tweeted yesterday compared to Bell’s 14.

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