New York Jets – How the Adams Trade Will Be Used to Build a Super Bowl Team

I will be writing an article a day this week as part of a column entitled “Flying Under the Radar.” Each article will provide short, hard-hitting analysis on 3-4 under-discussed topics regarding players, roster construction, the coaching staff, and the front office. I originally intended to discuss my biggest takeaways from Joe Douglas’ first offseason, but have delayed the release of that article until tomorrow morning, so I can provide my thoughts about the long-term affects of the Jamal Adams trade in this piece.

Here are a three consequences of the Jamal Adams trade that fans should be talking about more:

Draft Picks AND Cap Space
Jets fans are understandably thrilled about the compensation for Adams, but they should be equally thrilled that this trade frees up $18-20 million per year that would be used to pay Adams. This provides the Jets the flexibility to make a splash trade and/or significant free agent signings next year, if they choose. Alternatively, the front office could opt for a Chris Ballard-like stinginess with the cap.

Investing in Premium Positions
Connor Rogers made an incisive point on the Badlands podcast a few weeks ago (would highly recommend you subscribe if you haven’t already :)).

Part of Joe Douglas must be relieved that the Jamal Adams’ saga provides the team a “way out” of paying record-setting money to a non-premium position.

This trade enables Douglas to construct the Jets roster in a more traditional manner: build the offensive line, draft and develop top EDGE talent, and bring in quality cornerbacks.

Attracting a top Head Coach in 2021
As offensive line analyst Brandon Thorn pointed out in a tweet yesterday, the Jets’ newly acquire draft capital will aid the team in the event of a head coaching search:

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of “Flying Under the Radar!”

Tomorrow’s article will discuss what fans learned about Joe Douglas this offseason, with an emphasis on free agency & the draft.