New York Jets – Three 2020 Adjustments

Stephen Zantz with three adjustments the New York Jets should make in 2020

New writer Stephen Zantz with three adjustments the New York Jets should make in 2020

1. Position-less Prez – It’s well known that Jamal Adams is the best player on the team and in the conversation for best safety in the NFL. Although Jamal is recognized as a safety, most Jet fans know he’s more than just a one trick pony. Last season, Adams had 6.5 sacks which is basically the equivalent to Vernon Gholston’s NFL career. The Jets need to move Jamal around between LB and S due to his versatility. I can envision scenarios where Gregg has Davis, Maye, and Jamal on the field at the same time. That combination of speed can combat even the faster pass catchers across the NFL. Gase and Gregg need to play to Jamal’s strengths and have him in the swiss army knife type role to fully get the best out of him. They also need to pay him and make him happy so we don’t need to rebuild again 3 years from now.
2. Embrace the RPO – It’s no secret that the NFL has become a game where you need a QB who at worst has decent mobility in 2020. Thankfully the Jets have Sam Darnold who ran a 4.86 at the combine. All the great offenses across the NFL are tailoring their playbook to include college concepts to push the tempo. I’m sure everyone reading is aware of Lamar Jackson and what he did to the NFL last season. Despite my reservations of Adam Gase, the Jets actually ran the RPO quite well in 2019. Sam Darnold ran for a TD on a RPO play against the Giants while also throwing a touchdown on a similar play against Buffalo week 17.  Sam Darnold is one of few quarterbacks in the NFL who performs better on the run than in the pocket. More RPOs will allow for success in that area while also not making him reliant on pass protection from an offensive line with more questions than answers.
3. More RB Screens – I know Adam Gase may hate to admit it but Le’Veon Bell is a good football player. Gase is so infatuated with quick screen passes rather than that down the field passing I figured I should help him here. Does anyone remember in 2017 when Le’Veon Bell was arguably a WR at times and was one of the pass catchers in the league? I certainly do and this man wears a Jet uniform. Gase needs to throw the ball to Bell much more in 2020 rather than giving Frank Gore 9 carries per game. I understand the offensive line woes are part of the issue why the Jets couldn’t run many RB screens in 2019 but there needs to change if they aren’t going to push the ball down field. Bell can bring a ton of value here as receiving is one of the better parts to his game. Anyone remember that sweet 1-handed grab vs OAK?