14 Favorite Plays of Sam Darnold’s New York Jets Career

Stephen Zantz with his 14 favorite plays of Sam Darnold’s Jets career so far…

I thought Jet fans deserve something positive to take their minds off the Prez. Let’s list out/debate my fourteen favorite plays of Sam Darnold’s Jets career so far…

14. Darnold Escapes a Sack vs. OAK and Heaves it Up to Le’Veon (2019) – One of Sam’s best attributes is the ability to escape pressure in the pocket. I remember watching this and being terrfied but loving the outcome.

13. A Little Flea Flicker Action to Our Former Sun Gawd vs OAK (2019) – It didn’t take too long to find another awesome play from Sam in this Raider game. Flea flickers when executed to perfection are a thing of beauty in football. Sam has a perfect throw and Robby tops it off with a crazy contested grab. I’ll miss you Robby.

12. Some Tip-Toe Action for Jamison Crowder vs. WAS (2019)When the Jets signed Jamison Crowder I got the same excitement I had when Jerricho Cotchery was on the team. Crowder had his career day against his former squad and he really showed them what they were missing after a beautiful throw from Darnold. I’m very happy Crowder is on this team.

11. Circus TD from Terrelle Pryor vs DEN (2018) – I really thought Pryor would be a nice player for the Jets, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. We can’t forget how crazy this TD grab was after a nice throw from Sam. The two Robby touchdowns from this game aren’t too shabby, but don’t worry there will be more Sun Gawd love later.

10. Beautiful Roll Out Fake TD to Ryan Griffin vs OAK (2019) – I’m sure after reading my first 2 articles, you got the feeling I don’t like Adam Gase. I can confirm that is true, but this formation and execution is beautiful. Ryan Griffin could have crawled into the end zone he was so wide open.

9. Mr. Herndon With A Freakishly Athletic Catch vs GB (2018) – I was excited as anyone going into last season for the potential of Chris Herndon. It’s a shame he essentially missed all of 2019, but we can’t ignore the plays he made as rookie. This catch is just otherworldly.

8. Pump Fake TD to Daniel Brown vs WAS (2019) – This play is one of the better throws of Sam’s young career. His ability to escape the pocket and make throws on the run gets me giddy. This is also probably the only time Daniel Brown will ever make an impactful play as a New York Jet. Don’t hate me Daniel.

7. An Absolute Dime to Jamison Crowder vs DAL (2019) – Touch throws with perfect ball placement are the prettiest to watch. This throw to Crowder on 3rd down vs the Cowboys was so beautiful. I hope we get plenty of these over the next decade from Mr. Darnold.

6. A Beautiful TD to Robby Anderson vs PIT (2019) – This game featured some ugly football. There was one shining moment in which Samuel Richard Darnold lofted a perfect pass to Robby Anderson in double coverage. Ian Eagle’s call on the play is absolutely electric.

5. 4th Qtr Sideline Dime to Robby vs BUF (2018) – This was the moment I said to myself “He is not like the others who have gave me sadness” regarding Sam Darnold. This throw is the type of stuff you see Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, & Patrick Mahomes do. I was in awe that the QB of my football team made this type of throw in a big spot.

4. Two Point Conversion to Le’Veon vs BUF (2019) – I had the pleasure of seeing this greatness live in the very end zone Bell caught this two point try. The crowd absolutely exploded and to quote TOJ “This was the moment I thought the Jets were winning the SB” (Kidding). Too bad everything spiraled out of control in this game and the next 3 weeks when QB1 had mono.

3. Schoolyard Football vs BUF (2018) – This play is absolutely insane on so many levels. The fact Darnold didn’t get sacked was mind boggling. I thought for sure this ball was going to be intercepted. Then I saw the Sun Gawd holding the ball up and my jaw dropped. This is also the only time something good happened to the Jets when Spero Dedes was on the call.

2. Tight Window Dart TD to Crowder vs BAL (2019) – Unfortunately this game wasn’t very competitive, but this play was the toughest throw Darnold has ever made in his career. I’m sure Jet fans may recall Crowder dropping an easy TD on the previous play. Thankfully, he redeemed himself after getting a laser from Sam to get the Jets on the board.

1. 92 Yd Bomb to Robby Anderson vs DAL (2019) – As if it would be anything else. This play is one of my all time favorite plays in Jet history. The magnitude of this play is bigger than anything. After 3 weeks of garbage football and getting the ball back after a 4th down stop, this play gave Jet Nation (Insert Francesa Clip Here) life. Luke Falk really doesn’t bode well on the eyes so this felt really damn good.