New York Jets – Keeping up with Adams’, May 30th Edition

Matt Gianesses with his weekly update on the New York Jets/Jamal Adams situation…

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A weekly update on a player would be ridiculous during an NFL offseason, right? It is. What can REALLY be going on? Some golfing? Morning workouts? Xbox? When keeping up with Jamal Adams, a weekly update may not be enough.

Adams wants a contract extension that will make him the highest paid safety in the NFL. The Jets, who control Adams for two more years, have expressed their interest in paying up eventually, just not at the moment. Where are we now? The Jets are holding firm on their side, thanks to General Manager Joe Douglas. They are tight on money, and their 2-year control over Adams leads them to believe there is no reason for an extension RIGHT NOW. (Patrick Mahomes hasn’t even been extended yet!)

Jamal’s days of tweeting mysterious quotes that MIGHT have to do with his contract situation seem to be behind him. This is a good thing. I myself tweeted how I was happy with his lack of ominous tweets. That resulted in me being blocked by Jamal later that night. (Hurts coming from your favorite player doesn’t it?)

This is where my imaginative investigative journalism background comes into play. Think this series is ridiculous? Let’s get even more ridiculous. I’m about to take a deep dive Jamal Adams’ social media and explore any clues that may be hidden.

After creating a second twitter account to view Adams’ Twitter page, nothing stood out to me. A like of renown rapper, Future’s tweet, saying: “Fame is for dweebs. Just get rich.” Does this have to do with Jamal’s contract situation? No. Let’s keep looking.

On to Instagram. A photo of Jamal working hard on the ropes. Sweat dripping through his *squints* Jets hooded sweatshirt! Could this be a sign? Maybe, but probably not. For the sake of my Jets fandom and sanity, lets pretend that was a good sign.


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Elevate my game for the hundredth time. #Prez

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After long contemplation, I realized that this wasn’t going anywhere. It might be time to give it a rest and try again next week.

The Good: Joe Douglas is on record saying the goal is to make Adams a “Jet for Life”. SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano reported that despite the recent impasse between the Jets and Adams, the team has no plans to trade the star safety. No one is denying that Adams deserves to be the highest paid safety in football. The current debacle is WHEN he deserves it. We’ll be back next week with another update.