NFL Draft – 2020 Betting Odds

By now it seems certain that the NFL Draft will go on as scheduled. Roger Goodell has said as much, and at this point it’s too late to make a change. That means that in a number of days a whole new crop of rookies will have officially entered professional football — and we’ll know the next, new pieces of the Jets’ ongoing rebuild.

In case you missed it, we recently posted a big board and mock draft looking at some of the best available prospects, as well as the ones the Jets could (or should) select. As we inch closer to the draft though, we also wanted to take a look at what some of the betting odds might be indicating regarding the Jets’ early-draft decisions.

This is a particularly useful exercise now, given that NFL betting odds have become so much easier to find outside of Las Vegas. The introduction of casino sites in New Jersey (and a few other states since) has placed a much greater focus on betting odds or U.S. sports. While most of these sites primarily concern digital casino games, many of them — such as DraftKings, BetAmerica, Bet365, and others — also have sportsbook features. And while there isn’t much actual sports action going on right now for these casino sportsbooks to focus on, several of the prominent gambling sites operating in New Jersey do have odds on various components of the upcoming draft.

Without simply zeroing in on one betting platform and reproducing exact odds for players to be drafted in different positions, these are some of the general insights we can glean from the oddsmakers about the Jets’ early rounds.

The QB Selection May Benefit The Jets

If you’re reading an article like this, you’re undoubtedly aware that this is considered to be a very strong quarterback draft. LSU’s Joe Burrow and Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa are viewed as potential franchise-changing superstars, and will certainly be top-10 picks. However, some of the betting boards also indicate that Oregon’s Justin Herbert and — more surprisingly — Georgia’s Jake Fromm could also be early selections. None of these quarterbacks matter directly to the Jets. However, if three or even four of them are chosen before the Jets pick at 11, there will be more talented players at positions of need remaining than there might otherwise be.

A Strong OT Should Be Available

Many have determined that OT is the primary position the Jets ought to focus on (with a particular need at left tackle). And, as with the QB position, there is deep first-round talent at OT. Per the oddsmakers — and, to be fair, most draft boards — there are four standout players at the position: Georgia’s Andrew Thomas, Louisville’s Mekhi Becton, Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs, and Alabama’s Jedrick Wills. There’s no telling what order these four prospects will be drafted in. But while they are all virtually sure to be first-round picks, it’s reasonably unlikely that all four are chosen before the 11th pick.

A Great WR Could Be An Option

Despite what we just said about the OT position, there are two star wide receivers in this draft as well. In part because of the strength at QB and OT though, some odds listings make it look as if one WR or the other might be on the table for the Jets at 11. Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy and Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb are head and shoulders above the rest of the players at the position, and either would make for a fine weapon for Sam Darnold. A lot of fans and analysts will be set on the idea of shoring up left tackle. But if one of these two WRs is available, as seems possible based on the odds, the team will have a difficult decision to make.

Tackles About In The 2nd Round

If in fact the Jets do find themselves tempted by a WR (or by the option to trade down, which some have discussed), there are still some skilled OT prospects who are not being tabbed by oddsmakers as first-round picks. While Thomas, Becton, Wirfs, and Willis represent a consensus top four, Georgia’s Isaiah Wilson, Washington’s Trey Adams, and Auburn’s Prince Tega Wanogho are all high-level options likely bound for the second round. USC’s Austin Jackson and Houston’s Josh Jones could also be available, though they seem more likely to sneak into the first round.

We’ll find out soon what the Jets do with the early rounds of the 2020 draft. Right now though, the analysis and odds point to these as some of the likely situations and opportunities.