New York Jets – Final NFL Draft Advice for Joe Douglas

Stephen Russo with final advice to New York Jets GM Joe Douglas on night one of the NFL Draft

Draft day is finally upon us. It’s time for Joe Douglas, our white knight, our savior, our only hope to prove his worth. His first real crack at building the foundation of this team starts Thursday night. He will be fine, as long as he listens to my five keys to a successful draft weekend. Here we go!

1. Stay away from old dudes.

Marcus Maye will be 27 at the start of his fourth season. Nathan Shepherd will turn 27 as his third season starts. Douglas’ predecessor also drafted guys like Dylan Donahue, ArDarius Stewart, and Bryce Petty, who were all at least 23 when they were drafted. Don’t be like Mike. Draft young, and stay away from guys who will register for AARP before their second contract.

2. Properly assess the current roster.

This isn’t rocket science. The Jets are weak on offense, they were ranked 32nd in the league last year and lost their best weapon. The need for offensive line help and playmakers is obvious. Don’t be satisfied with the current guard situation. It is improved, slightly, but not finished. Blessuan Austin impressed at the end of his rookie season, but don’t bank on an oft-injured second year 6th round pick being the guy at corner. Jordan Jenkins and Terrell Basham are solid fillers at edge, but they aren’t your answers at the position. The linebacking corps is all set, Isaiah Simmons isn’t even in consideration.

Don’t overthink it. The needs are staring you in the face. Draft heavy at positions of need: OL, WR, CB, Edge.

3. Draft the best possible combination of need and best player available.

The Jets have far too often found themselves in a position to take the BPA that falls in their lap at a position they really don’t need in round one, and they convince themselves to strengthen a strength (see Leonard Williams, Quinnen Williams). The Jets are in no better shape now than they were before drafting them. They haven’t made the playoffs in 9 years. It’s not working. The strategy should be to take the best combination of grade and need. This draft is top heavy at tackle and deep at wide receiver, however the board breaks in round one, receiver and tackle are your only options. Nothing else matters. If Lamb or Jeudy is graded higher than Becton and the other 3 tackles are gone, take the receiver.

It’s tackle, receiver, or bust. There is no middle ground.

4. Leave the defensive line alone.

Don’t even think about it, Joe.

5.  Over-invest in offense.

Yes, the Jets need a cornerback and an edge rusher. But the true need is on offense and that is where the swings need to be. Invest in Sam Darnold. Draft a few wide receivers. Draft multiple offensive linemen. Pick your running back of 2021. When in doubt, go offense. Change the narrative, and build this team around the guy that you came to New York for.

It’s your time to shine, Joe. Don’t let us down. Let’s not make this too complicated…

I’m here if you need me.