Initial Reaction: New York Jets Select QB James Morgan

Greg Armstrong with initial reaction to Jets taking QB James Morgan from FIU

The New York Jets had their first truly stunning pick of the draft by taking James Morgan from Florida International with the 125th pick, a selection they got in the trade with New England. With some strong talent still on the board, this pick is…puzzling. 

The first pick from Joe Douglas that I wholeheartedly disagree with. I understand wanting to have some sort of viable backup so your offense doesn’t implode when/if Sam Darnold misses games, but the fourth round is a bit of a reach.

Morgan transferred to FIU from Bowling Green in 2017 and is a pure pocket passer. He has good velocity on his throws and reading some of the reports on him, he has some Darnold in him. Overall smart guy who doesn’t get rattled easily. Good ability to diagnose defenses and make checks at the line.

Hopefully we’re not at a point where he’s going to get meaningful snaps this season (pls stay healthy Sam) but if he does, it might not be pretty. Mechanically he’s a mess, doesn’t throw a good deep ball, makes bone headed decisions against pressure and just wasn’t that consistent. If you’re playing at a school like FIU where you’re not facing elite competition week in and week out, you better have some eye popping stats. Morgan doesn’t have them. 40 touchdown passes to 12 interceptions in his 2 years at FIU is fine but in his one game against a big time school last season (Miami FL), he  was 16-30 for 160 yards and 2 touchdowns (1 rushing).

Look, I get wanting to bring in a QB. We all know what happened when Sam went out last season. But brining back David Fales because he “knows the system” and then reaching on a guy like Morgan doesn’t do much to fix that problem. Sign a veteran in free agency who can at absolute minimum move the ball down the field before the draft. Or if you’re going to take a QB, don’t do it in the fourth round. I would have taken a guy like Jake Fromm from Georgia. Played against big time competition, doesn’t have the strongest arm but also didn’t make a ton of mistakes.

Somewhere Adam Gase is smiling at this pick. *shakes fist*