How to Survive Without Pro Sports

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the average day for most people in the world. One of the major changes is the lack of professional sports. The basketball and hockey seasons were simply stopped, meanwhile baseball is postponed indefinitely. Football ended just in the nick of time, but next season could be affected as well. 

While teams, managers, announcers, and analysts scramble to adjust, the fans have to find something to do with all their newfound spare time. If you’ve been feeling down and need something to fill that void, consider some of the options below to help you survive the utter absence of pro sports.

Vehicle Maintenance

Being as many people have been working from home and canceling travel plans, your vehicle is most likely in need of some TLC. Every 3000 miles your car should get an oil change, but bad oil can be just as harmful. This is a great time to head to the garage and make sure that old truck or new car is in tip-top shape. Even bigger projects like installing an oil pressure gauge or replacing the radiator can be tackled in a few days and should help to keep your mind away from missing the playoffs.

Learn a New Game

Instead of managing that fantasy league, there are some creative and fun ways to challenge your mind. This can be a perfect time to learn a classic game like chess, backgammon, go, or cribbage. Chess is a great game to learn; full of strategy and deception, chess is a game that is easy to learn and tough to master. Backgammon is another great classic game and actually one of the oldest recorded games at over 5000 years old. Go is a game consisting of strategically placing small tokens around a board in order to trap your opponent, and cribbage is a fun game for the family that involves matching cards to score points. Even if you don’t have a board, all of these games can be played online for free. Learning a new game will certainly give your brain a workout and will help to replace that need for competitive events.


Another great option is the world of e-sports. Unlike traditional sports, e-sports can still be played during social distancing via playing video games on computers and gaming consoles. Some of the big games have yearly million-dollar prizes for winning teams! Games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Call of Duty all have professional scenes that may fill that need for competition. A good place to browse is Twitch, an online streaming platform, to see if this new wave of sports can give you that same feeling as a great football game.

Yard Work

As the weather gets nicer, there are more opportunities to work outside. Aside from mowing and weeding, there are gardens to be tilled, fences to be mended, and bushes to be trimmed. Yard work may not seem like a way to replace sports, but that great feeling of a job well done is a reward that should not be forgotten. Here’s a tip: redo an old section of landscaping. You will be surprised how much a small change can make in your yard.

Find a Project to Build

Lastly, if you’re feeling creative, find a project online to build. YouTube, Google, and Pinterest have a plethora of projects that can give you hours of engaging fun. Whether it is building your first piece of furniture, adding on to the bar in the man cave, or creating a guitar rack from a single sheet of MDF, there are endless projects that can keep you occupied and make for a nice conversation piece, once you can finally have the guys over again, that is.