New York Jets NFL Draft – All The Joe Douglas Quotes

James Kuntz aggregates everything important Joe Douglas has said about how he will handle the 2020 NFL Draft

Given the widespread speculation about the Jets’ intentions entering the Draft, I thought it would be useful to review every one of Joe Douglas’ press conferences since becoming GM of the Jets to see what his intentions are for the  Draft. Below you’ll find quotations culled from four of Joe Douglas’ press conferences over the last year that indicate how he will draft. It is worth noting that while Douglas held more than four press conferences since becoming GM, he only spoke about the Draft in these four.

6/11/2019: Joe Douglas Introduced as Jets GM

On Qualities He Wants in Players
“We’re going to find passionate people who love the game of football, who hate losing more than they love winning: players that love to prepare, love to practice, love to compete. Players that are football smart–they’re strategic thinkers, they’re not going to beat themselves.”

10/29/2019: Joe Douglas Addresses Media After Trade Deadline

On Whether the Jets Have a Franchise Quarterback
“We have a young man that’s 22 year old, he just finished his 17th game in the NFL, and I think we see the growth, the ups and downs, but we see a guy that’s made of the right stuff, who has a warrior mentality. And we’ve got to take care of him as an entire organization–playmakers, protection, everything. We’ve got to wrap our arms around him because I think you guys all see what he can do when he had that in the Dallas game.”

On the Importance of the Offensive Line
“First, Alex [Lewis] has come in and competed every day. Both [Alex Lewis and Ryan Kalil] love the game of football, push themselves through a lot of pain and injury to be on the field, and both those guys are highly respected by their teammates. As far as helping this unit in the future, like I said in other press conferences, we’re going to try to pursue upgrading this team through every avenue. We won’t have an opportunity to do that through trade again until the start of the League year, but there are still claims and the ability to poach guys, so our pro scouting staff does a great job in stacking these prospects. We’re going to be looking to upgrade multiple positions through the Draft and Free Agency.”

12/31/2019: Joe Douglas End of Season Press Conference
On the Importance of the Offensive Line
“Moving forward the line of scrimmage will be a priority. It’s definitely going to be something we look to improve every year.”

2/25/2020: Joe Douglas Press Conference at the NFL Combine
On the Importance of the Offensive Line
“Look, you guys know how I feel about the Offensive Line: it’s hard to have a good team without one. And right now, as it stands, we only have one starter coming back in Brian Winters. Everyone else is an unrestricted free agent. We’re at 21 UFAs and 3 RFAs so we have to improve not only Offensive Line, but many other positions.”

“We need to have a strong Offensive Line, we have to do a good job in taking care of Sam moving forward.”

“We need to do a better job opening holes for [Le’Veon Bell]. We need to put him in good positions to be as productive as he was in Pittsburgh. I think you did see in some of the later games, like Baltimore, we saw Le’Veon be Le’Veon, so we have to put him in those types of situations.”

On Trading Up and Trading Back in the Draft
“I’ve been in scenarios where we’ve done both. I think it depends on the situation and the opportunity. Last year in Philly we traded up to get an Offensive Lineman, the year prior we traded back when Baltimore came up to get Lamar. It depends on the specific situation.”

On the 2020 Offensive Line Draft Class:
“I think it’s a good group. I think you’re going to see a lot of guys that become starters in the NFL.”

On How He Balanced High Floor/High Ceiling Players
“High floor, low ceiling–those are terms we talk about in draft rooms. We’re looking for the best player for the New York Jets. ”

On the 2020 WR Class
“You’ve probably heard every GM and Coach talk about this WR class. It’s a good one. There’s a lot of talented players and we see how much the passing game affects the NFL, so we do feel good about this group. We’re going through our processes and talking to a lot of guys here and at the Senior Bowl, and we’ll continue getting to know these guys as best as we can. But there are some really good receivers in this class.”