Initial Reaction – Jets Agree To Terms With Connor McGovern

Greg Armstrong with an initial reaction to the New York Jets signing Connor McGovern

Hello Joe Douglas!

It was a tumultuous first day of tampering for Jets fans. As all of the big names came flying off the board with none them being attached to the Jets, it was easy to feel added anxiety. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and Joe Douglas can’t sign the team some quality offensive linemen?

But fear not Jets fans!

Would it be sexy to sign Conklin or Glasgow, two very popular names amongst Jets twitter? Absolutely. Those guys are actually good too which stings a bit. But with how many needs this current Jets roster has, maybe not splurging on guys at the start of free agency was a good thing. Nobody wins the Super Bowl in March.

The Jets desperately needed a center. Ryan Khalil was a valid dart throw for Douglas that late in the offseason but it didn’t pan out. McGovern comes in and is instantly a huge upgrade at center. He automatically becomes the best center the Jets have had since Nick Mangold hung up the cleats.

McGovern was the 11th ranked center in the league according to PFF and did not have a single penalty in 2019.

This is a good start to rebuilding the offensive line. It wasn’t going to be solved in one free agency or one draft class. It doesn’t help that the Jets are constantly used for bargaining (whether that be the franchise in general, the current coach, a mix of both, etc.) but coming away with an above average center is a huge addition for this team and more importantly Sam Darnold.

Anybody not named Spencer Long or Ryan Khalil is instantly an upgrade but McGovern gives the team a much needed presence at center and also some stability. It won’t be a year to year thing with him and Darnold. That’s huge as we are quickly approaching the end of Darnolds rookie deal.

This doesn’t solve the Jets offensive line problems but it’s a big step in the right direction after missing out on the big names on Day 1. Now go draft your tackle, get Sam some weapons and let’s score some damn points.