Could The Jets Really Win 2021’s Super Bowl?

It seems as if 2020 has barely begun and Super Bowl LIV hasn’t even happened yet. However, sportsbooks are already looking forward to next year’s big event and are making their predictions in advance about which teams are likely to come out on top. So, what do they think lies ahead for the Jets?

We haven’t even finished with 2020 Super Bowl betting yet, however for those who like to get ahead of the game, some sportsbooks are already gearing up to take wagers on 2021’s action, and it seems as if the AFC could be the top choice to win Super Bowl 55 according to the experts.

The Top Choices

Most of the biggest sportsbooks have already predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs are likely to be in top place with odds of 7:1. The San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens are close behind at 8:1 and then the New England Patriots are following close behind with odds of 12:1. Interestingly, from this top-four list, the single NFC representative is the 49ers. This only serves to highlight the recent run of success of the AFC at the Super Bowl.

The AFC’s Winning Streak

In the last 7 Super Bowls, five have been won by the AFC. Three were from the New England Patriots while one was from the Denver Broncos and another from the Baltimore Ravens. It’s a testament to the AFC’s run of success over the last few years that the biggest sportsbooks have made these predictions. So, what about the Jets?

Odds Of 66:1

Interestingly, the Jets have entered the offseason with odds of 66:1 of winning the Super Bowl 55. These are precisely the same odds as they were given this time last year. The team finished their season at 7-9 after closing the season with a run of 6-2 in the last 8 games. However, the same odds of 66:1 are also shared with four other teams and it seems surprising that the Jets have been given such poor odds considering how strong their regular season close was, and their impressive $55 million salary-cap space as they head into free agency and try to improve their roster.

2021’s Super Bowl

The Super Bowl 55 will be held in Tampa, Florida – the fifth time that the city will have hosted the iconic sporting event. It’s been more than a decade since Tampa last played host to the game although this will be the fourth time that the Super Bowl has been hosted in the same state for two consecutive years.

Despite the so-called experts’ predictions, it’s still too early to say which teams will end up in Tampa next February. There are lots of games and events to go in the year to come. Even with their 66:1 odds, the Jets are still in with a chance. Fans should be glad that at least they haven’t been given such poor odds as the Detroit Lions who, at odds of 100:1 are predicted to be least likely to be winners next year.