New York Jets Top Five – The Eagles Checklist

Joe Belic with a New York Jets top five for how they can compete against the Philadelphia Eagles

The perfect recipe to roast these birds, the Eagles that is, and capture the first victory of the season includes a pinch of Uncle Rico swag, a full serving of Quinnen Williams, a slice of optimism, a dollop of diversity (in play calling), and rewards for the hardest working players on the team.  In this week’s Joe Jet 5, I breakdown the aforementioned as we all prepare for another week of Jets football.  

1) Uncle Rico Swag:

Gardner Minshew and Luke Falk both attended Washington State.  I hope to see a little Uncle Rico swag from our QB too. Throw on a headband, rock a mustache, show us some of that chest hair, pump your fist, and slap someone on the butt.  In other words, do whatever needs to be done, come out with some confidence, and play like it’s your last start—because it very well may be. 

2) A Dominant Quinnen Williams:

What does Quinnen Williams’ NFL sack dance look like? Well, nobody knows because “the best player in the draft” has played only 23 snaps to date.  I get it, he’s been hurt, but I don’t care. Quinnen is slated to make an appearance during Sunday’s game, and he needs to make his presence known.  I want to see this dancing bear act like someone stole his cubs. I love Q’s smile, but I want to hear him growl, utilize that “bubble butt” and dominate offensive linemen.  I want to see Q laying on top of Carson Wentz so much that it evokes a recurring nightmare of Quinnen Williams as a talking bed comforter saying, “Bless ya, thank ya…for the sacks Carson.”  The fanbase needs to feel good about something, and if Quinnen plays up to the hype, it will go a long way. GO GET ‘EM, Q! 

3) Play the Best Players:

You know the season is heading in the wrong direction when fans are clamoring for Jonotthan Harrison, and if he’s the best center the Jets possess, he needs to start.  I don’t care what name is on the back of the jersey. If Edoga is outplaying Beachum (or Shell), or Alex Lewis shows more in practice than Osemele (or Winters), put them on the field.  I praised Gregg Williams for benching Trumaine Johnson due to lack of production, and now the Jets must take the same approach elsewhere.

4) Let’s Have Some Fun (with play calling):

I don’t think anybody envisioned backup RB, Jaylen Samuels, taking snaps behind center when predicting the game plan for the Steelers this past Monday Night, but it worked, and subsequently put less pressure on their young QB (Mason Rudolph).  The Jets need to curb their conservative approach and just let it fly: a halfback pass from Le’Veon, Montgomery or Bell behind center, throw in a flea-flicker, a reverse or whatever it takes to keep the Eagles, and this banged-up secondary guessing. 

5) Optimism is Reality’s Worst Enemy: 

A true testament to the character of a team is when they show up like there is something to play for even when it appears that there isn’t.  

Yes, the reality is that the Jets are 0-3, but nothing will change if players let the disappointing record define them.  Don’t be reasonable with your dreams or expectations and reach for higher goals no matter the situation. At this moment, that’s the mantra the Jets should live and breathe. By the looks of it, the team possesses a core who believe it: Bell, Adams, and Sam. The only way to make a change is to speak it into existence and act upon it. 

“We are going to go on a little run here.” —Sam Darnold