1st & 10: Jets Drop Another to the Jags and Trade Deadline Thoughts

Stephen Russo goes 1st and 10 on the New York Jets current situation post trade deadline…

Let me start with a simple thought: I am done with Adam Gase.

I was skeptical when the hire was made in January. I’m being too polite. I was livid when this hire was made. Adam Gase was a notch below Mike McCarthy on my coaching wish list. And Mike McCarthy was rock bottom. The two-hour roller-coaster ride of the should have been Matt Rhule hire to a quick change of direction to give the job to Gase was a swift kick to the you know what…

Like any other fan, I learned to deal with the fact that he’s not going anywhere.  While I disagreed with the hire, I ultimately wanted to be proven wrong and wanted the team to succeed. So, I let him endear himself to me. He made some progress with little quips on One Jets Drive, his playful banter with Jamal Adams, and of course, the smelling salts.

If I have learned ANYTHING in my 34 years of fandom, it’s that nothing matters until the games start counting. And in that area, Gase stinks.

Through 7 weeks of football, Gase has done nothing to make me think he is a competent football coach. He has called an offense that has put together one competent half. He has shown an inability to make adjustments, whether in game or week to week. He has become a master deflector where he continuously absolves himself of any blame or responsibility in any team matter. He has coached an offensive line that couldn’t block a Junior Varsity defensive line. He has misused a top 5 NFL running back. Oh, and he has somehow gotten our franchise quarterback to regress.

The truth is that Adam Gase is 1-10 in his last 11 games, and 24-31 in just under 3.5 seasons as an NFL Head Coach. The New York Jets are 15-40 in that same span. Adam Gase is doing less with more than what Jeremy Bates and Todd Bowles did in 2018. Let that sink in.

When Christopher Johnson made the surprising decision to let Mike Maccagnan go, I said it was never the wrong time to make the right decision. The same applies here.

& 10…

1. I can honestly say that I have never seen a more incompetent and inept offensive line than the one the Jets put on the field every Sunday. It is a disaster.

2. Good job by Joe Douglas for getting good return in the Leonard Williams trade. Williams was a good guy, but not an impact player. 17 sacks in 71 games doesn’t cut it. The Jets will be just fine without him. Time to start investing capital outside the interior defensive line.

3. Nate Hairston is an instant upgrade over Trumaine Johnson.

4. Gregg Williams has exceeded expectations thus far, especially given what hand he was dealt. However, I can’t understand why he continues to try to cover running backs with defensive ends.

5. Although the Jets offensive line is an abomination, I can only recall one designed rollout and not a single quick slant called by Adam Gase through 7 games. Does anyone else see that as problematic?

6. Adam Gase’s misuse of Le’Veon Bell is criminal.

7. Sam Darnold has shown signs of regression. This was his 17th game as a starter, and he is behind the worst offensive line in the league. His footwork and recent bout with turnovers are issues, and those can be corrected. It’s not time to hit the panic button just yet. Just pray Adam Gase doesn’t ruin him for good.

8. I am shocked at the lack of use of Ty Montgomery through the first 7 games. I thought the combination of him and Bell in the same backfield would be lethal, and I still think it can be. It is surprising how little he has seen the field.

9. The Jets should have drafted Josh Allen out of Kentucky.

10. Admittedly, I was shocked that Joe Douglas was fielding offers for Jamal Adams and Le’Veon Bell. Adams and Bell are undoubtedly top 5 players at their positions. Robby Anderson (who I anticipated being part of trade discussions) is a great deep ball threat and a nice weapon for Darnold. These 3 can and should be key pieces of the re-vamping of this roster and the build moving forward, however, the Jets haven’t won more than 5 games with Adams or Anderson on the roster, and are currently 1-6 with Le’Veon Bell.

Douglas fielding offers is not an insult to any of those players, but rather an indictment on the old GM and the current coaching staff, and an indication as to just how dire this current situation is. The Jets need a serious overhaul and major investments at premium, impact positions like OL, CB and Edge.

Oh yeah, they should fire their coach, too.  Did I mention that?