TOJ Let’s Get Weird, Week 3 – Jets vs. Patriots

Dan Essien gets weird with the Jets week 3 matchup with the New England Patriots.

The Jets current players and fanbase hearts are equally damaged right now as the team enters a daunting week 3 matchup with the New England Patriots. The Jets are down to their 3rd string quarterback as they to try to shock the world in Foxboro…or at least maintain respect. Here’s this week’s stats, stories, and predictions for week 3.

Game notes

Opportunities and Impunities

We all know about Sam Darnold’s current medical situation but the Jets will be sitting multiple significant starters in addition to Darnold’s absence in week 3. Jordan Jenkins, C.J Mosley, Quinnen Williams, and Demaryius Thomas (significant by default due to other injuries) will all miss this week’s game. The Jets also listed 5 more starters as questionable. It seems as though the Jets may take a cautious approach, with the mindset of making a run with a healthy team upon Sam Darnold’s return.

If the Jets are committed to saving some banged up starters from further punishment, this game gives them the opportunity to see what they have in some of their younger players (I can’t believe I’m saying this in week 3). Blake Cashman, Kyle Phillips, Frankie Luvu, Foley Fatukasi, and Chuma Edoga could find themselves seeing significant time on Sunday depending on how the Jets approach this game (particularly if its out of reach at any point).

Guru or nah?

Jets fans have been clamoring for an offensive head coach for years. The Jets finally got one this offseason but it was not the one that even their own star safety was asking for. Adam Gase is in an interesting position right now. He needs to show that he can put a competent product on the football field on offense. Yes, we are aware that he’s down to his third string quarterback. But there are plenty of football teams going through unforeseen injuries and still managing to put points on the board. Mason Rudolph threw 2 touchdowns in relief of the Steelers starter last week. Gardner Minshew led the Jaguars to a victory over the Titans on Thursday with 2 touchdown passes. Neither of those teams have a head coach or an offensive coordinator viewed as a “QB guru.” So what’s the deal with Peyton’s appointee?

What if…Heroes and Zeroes

If the Jets win…

Hero: Spoiled avocado ice cream

Zero: Josh McDaniels

The best case scenario on Sunday for the Jets is that somehow Tom Brady isn’t at his best. The only way they have a chance is if the Patriots have some kind of defect on offense that prevents them from blowing the Jets out of the water. Without Brady at peak, Josh McDaniels gets exposed by Gregg Williams. The Jets manage to sneak by with a touchdown and few field goals and then Kevin Harlan finishes the game with a “Do you believe in miracles?? YES!!”

If the Patriots win…

Hero: Bill Belichick

Zero: Adam Gase

As we’ve seen plenty of in recent years, there’s nothing worse than a limited Jets offense on the road in New England. For Bill Belichick, there’s nothing better. A Patriots win means Bill Belichick likely embarrasses Adam Gase in Foxboro, scheming the Jets offense into oblivion (also read: 3rd and 25 draw plays). Gase then reverts back to his Miami form and just reads the injury list in his press conference to excuse his coaching performance.

Final Prediction

Fight me

Things could reach an emotional boiling point on Sunday on the field. I think the Patriots will win comfortably but there will be plenty of extra action. I think there is at least one player on the Jets that’s fed up with losing and even more-so fed up with being disrespected. Without some of their typical veteran leadership on the field, the Jets players might get into some “goonery” as the game goes along and the score continues to distance. It would be nice to see them show some fight, and I don’t say that with any irony. Seeing Myles Garrett destroy Trevor Siemian’s ankle and the Jets offensive line shrug and keep it moving was infuriating. They need to operate with an edge and I think Sunday they show a bit more attitude in a loss.