New York Jets – Free Sam Darnold

Cody Emerson on a disappointing 2019 debut from Sam Darnold

There are many factors for why the Jets lost on Sunday. The corners were as bad as we thought they’d be. The pass rush was non existent and essentially made it a flag football game for Josh Allen. The kicker who they just signed off the street looked just like someone they signed off the street. However the most concerning thing for me was the regression of Sam Darnold.

I’m not at all ready to give up on our 22 year old ‘trunky’ QB but I did see some things that were worrisome. The Bills have a great pass rush but so do most teams (other than the Jets). Darnold frequently had happy feet in the pocket seldom setting his feet even when not moving. He was staring down his targets as well as his first reads constantly, which is part of the reason why there were so many batted balls.

The amount of check downs were most likely due to Adam Gases system, it was concerning how little Sam tried to push it down field. Frankly he looked rattled and it will be something I’ll be focusing on more than anything else on Monday.

Darnold is such a fun prospect because he has a magical quality. Some of the throws he’s made seem impossible and he always can find a way to make something out of nothing. He’s very accurate on the run and can always compete a pass at an impossible angle (see his TD negated by penalty as well as the 2 point conversion). However he wasn’t able to exhibit any of those traits in this vanilla offense

Let’s hope this coaching staff makes adjustments after looking at the tape and finds a way to get Sam on rollouts, play-action passes and any throw that isn’t a drag route to Crowder or to Bell in the flat. The hope and morale of this fan base needs Sam to take a second year jump more than anything else. Let’s hope Adam Gase, the offensive line and Sam himself show signs of improvement on Monday.