New York Jets 1st & 10 – Opening Day Loss to the Bills

Stephen Russo goes “1st and 10” on the New York Jets week 1 opening loss…

The Jets season opener ended in typical Jets fashion as they blew a 16-point third quarter lead on their way to a one-point loss at home. Here are my thoughts on the gut-wrenching defeat…


New players. New coaching staff. New front office. Same results.

It was one game. I get that. One game does not make a season and is not an indicator of how the remaining 15 games will play out. However, it is infuriating (or enter whatever adjective you choose here) that this team still has no killer instinct. For the better part of a decade, the Jets have demonstrated an inability to close any game out, on either side of the ball. Yesterday was yet another perfect example. The Jets defense, up 16-0 in the third quarter, had numerous chances to end the game and put the Bills away, but failed. The offense had several opportunities to drive down the field to make it a three-score game and put it out of reach, but couldn’t. And lastly, with three minutes left in the game the Jets got the ball back needing a score to win, and the new-look offense crumbled. The Jets continue to struggle to finish games.

& 10

1. Adam Gase was, at the very least, welcomed by many for his offensive mind. His lack of creativity and inability to adjust mid-game to Buffalo’s pass rush is reminiscent of Todd Bowles and Rex Ryan… that is not a good thing. Can he call a QB rollout?

2. The three biggest question marks all offseason were cornerback, offensive line, and kicker. All three proved exactly why on Sunday and were THE biggest reasons the Jets lost.
a. The fact that asking Daryl Roberts and Trumaine Johnson to cover John Brown and Zay Jones is too tall of a task should tell you everything you need to know about this group.
b. The offensive line struggled all day to protect Sam Darnold, even against a four-man front. Also, my unofficial count was 671 passes batted down at the line of scrimmage by the Bills defensive line.
c. Kaare Vedvik… I have no words.

3. Mike Maccagnan made three great signings before the Jets got rid of him in CJ Mosley, Jamison Crowder and Le’Veon Bell. All three were the best players on the field for the Jets and worth every penny.

4. Don’t panic on Sam Darnold. It will come together.

5. Penalties continue to be a BIG problem for this team.

6. Mike Maccagnan letting Jason Myers walk in free agency may completely wipe out all the good mentioned in #3. The Jets will not win any close games if they can’t kick a field goal.

7. I can’t, for any reason, see why Gase didn’t challenge the pass interference no call on Robby Anderson on the final drive. That was a huge missed opportunity.

8. Henry Anderson’s roughing the passer penalty was momentum-shifting and game-altering. Call the penalty “soft” or “ticky-tack” but any player should know the situation and know that you can’t hit the quarterback in that spot. See #5.

9. Le’Veon Bell is still very good at what he does and is a joy to watch in green and white. Despite a serious lack of imagination in getting him touches, Bell consistently made something out of nothing and showed that he is every bit as good as he was in Pittsburgh.

10. Enough talk about culture. Enough talk about energy. Enough talk about mindset. Just win games. Prove to this fanbase that things have changed by winning. Let the rest take care of itself.