1st & 10 – Jets Drop to 0-3 With Another Dud in New England

Stephen Russo goes 1st and 10 on the New York Jets 0-3 start


It was clearly unrealistic to expect the Jets to go into Gillette Stadium on Sunday and pull out a victory. They were without 7 starters (!) and their most important pieces on both sides of the ball in Mosley and Darnold. However, what is not unrealistic is to expect them to put up a fight. Sunday, instead of looking at this as a situation where they were playing with house money, they saw it as a reason to lay down. That is 100% on the coaching staff. Again, there was no creativity, no imagination, no trick plays. No chances taken, no throws downfield. Nothing. Adam Gase and his staff appeared to be perfectly content running a vanilla game plan, taking their lumps, and sauntering back to New Jersey to lick their wounds. On an NFL Sunday that featured seven different teams sending their backup quarterbacks into action, only one team was only able to muster 105 yards of total offense and no offensive points. Anyone know which team???

Injuries happen in the NFL. Its part of the game. They’re going to continue to happen. It’s obvious that Mike Maccagnan left this roster barren. That is a fact. But it’s time to control what you can and move forward. I would expect that an offensive guru like Adam Gase would be able to get any offense into the end zone more than once in three games. The time is now, Adam Gase, for you to step up. This season that started with promise and excitement has quickly taken a turn for the worse, and you’re running out of time to salvage it.

& 10…

1. The offensive line continues to be atrocious. They consistently allow free rushers when the opposition only rushes 3 or 4. As I stated after weeks 1 and 2, the offensive line is the single biggest reason for the Jets failures.

2. Seeing Daryl Roberts celebrate (as if he did something) a dropped pass in the end zone by Josh Gordon is embarrassing. Seeing Daryl Roberts get beat on the very next play for a touchdown is laughable. Going into a season being confident in Daryl Roberts as your starting cornerback is pathetic. Everyone (Maccagnan, Gase, Williams, Douglas) shares that blame.

3. Bright Spot #1: Sam Ficken went 2/2 on extra points!

4. I understand the “bend but don’t break” defensive mentality, especially considering the Jets cornerback situation and the Patriots offense. However, consistently giving the Patriots receivers ten yards of cushion and allowing them to catch passes beyond the sticks makes no sense to me at all.

5. Leonard Williams continues to be invisible. It has reached a whole new level this year. As the #6 pick in the draft, where he was arguably the best overall prospect, he should be able to make an impact against a weakened Patriots offensive line. His presence was felt only once, when he allowed the Patriots to convert on a 3rd & 16 with an illegal hands to the face call.

6. Bright Spot #2: Brian Poole has been quietly impressive and is a definitive upgrade over Buster Skrine through 3 games.

7. I have never been more excited to not watch a Jets game next week.

8. Coming out of the bye week, there should be changes to the offensive line. It should start with Ryan Kalil. I understood, and applauded, the move when it was made. But he has done nothing to continue to warrant his starting spot. The Jets should move to Jonotthan Harrison and see if it works.

9. Bright Spot #3: Blake Cashman has been a pleasant surprise. He has earned a starting spot next to Mosley upon his return.

10. In tough times like these, I always call upon my plethora of Jets experience to see which prior season correlates to the current one. Right now, it feels like 2002. A rocky start littered with offensive duds and uninteresting blowouts paves the way for Sam Darnold to channel his inner Chad Pennington and bring this team back from the dead to set the NFL on fire on his way to a playoff berth!

However, every time I allow that thought to cross my mind, I am overcome with fear that Adam Gase is the second coming of Rich Kotite…