NY Jets Preseason Schedule Leans

Can you believe that the NFL season is almost upon us? The excitement is practically uncontainable!

The Jets get four preseason matchups this year. Technically Week 1 consists of the Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons game only, but since there is only one game, and the bulk of the league is playing just four games, we are going to consider August 8th through the 10th Week 1 games.

Preseason games are challenging to handicap but we’ll do our best to get a couple of solid predictions. The NFL odds are out for their all New York preseason clash with the Giants. So let’s look at that one first.

Week 1: New York, New York

The Jet’s are listed as two-point favorites over the Giants on Thursday, August 8th. Both Pat Shurmur and Adam Gase are 2-1 as head coaches in the first preseason game of the season. Measuring coaching trends is the only surefire way to make accurate preseason predictions, and in this case, we are at a wash. 

However, if we look at the most recent history, last year Adam Gase smashed the Falcons in Week 1, 17-0. Meanwhile, Pat Shurmur took a loss to the Cleveland Browns in Week 1 PS football last year. Furthermore, in Week 3 of preseason play last year, the Giants beat the Jets 22-16. So, we could see a little retribution sought as well. I also wonder if we’ll see a decent amount Le’Veon Bell in this first game. He’s been out of action for quite a long time, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Adam Gase eager to get a look at him in a live situation. 

Given the few things we know about the Week 1 matchup, I have to lean towards the Jets getting the win.

Week 2: New York Jets @ Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are likely going to take a loss to the Denver Broncos on August 1st. So we could see a little more effort to get a win in the real PS Week 2. That said, Dan Quinn doesn’t care about winning in the preseason. He’s 1-3 in Week 1, 1-3 in Week 2, and 0-4 in Week 3. Technically for Quinn and the Falcons, this will be Week 3. So we would give the edge to the Jets again … if Adam Gase wasn’t 0-3 in Week 2. 

The prediction for this game is to flip a coin. It could easily go either way.

Week 3: New Orleans Saints at New York Jets

Sean Payton is so-so during preseason’s Week 2, but he loves winning in Week 3. Over the years, Sean Payton and the Saints have racked up a 10-3 record during this period of August. On the flip side of the coin, Gase doesn’t seem to care about winning during the third exhibition of the season; he is just 1-2.

We have to follow the strong trend and pick the Saints to get a win over the Jets in a meaningless game on August 24th.

Week 4: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets

Pundits seem quite high on the Eagles this season – this is beside the point– but I’m not sold. That said, this doesn’t reflect on the final dress rehearsal of the season. Both Gase and Pederson are 2-1 during the last preseason game of the season. This prediction is conditional. If the Jet’s don’t yet have a preseason win, look for Gase to bring one in for the home crowd on August 29th in MetLife. If they already have a win or two, expect a toss-up.