New York Jets – What Is Joe Douglas’ Next Move?

Clayton Smarslok on what the New York Jets next roster move should be

It took a long eight-plus months but Jets football is finally back, new uniforms and all. Thursday night, the Jets took on the New York Giants for the “Snoopy Bowl”, if that’s still even a thing, and went home with the loss. As you can see in the Boss’s reaction to the pre-season opener, there was some good but there was definitely some bad as well.

Out of everything that happened in Thursday’s game, nothing garnered more attention from Jets fans than the one and only, “Cat Man”. Not Sam Darnold’s one incredible series, not the hour long lightning break, not the brand new uniforms or the Adam Gase smelling salt GIF, it was their kicker of all things. Now as of this morning, Chandler Catanzaro is a retired man.

He likely knew his horrid performance under the lights (1 for 3 on extra points), on top of a brutal summer meant the end of his time in New York.
General Manager Joe Douglas did not waste any time signing Catanzaro’s immediate replacement in Taylor Bertolet. That name may sound familiar, as he was the kicker who competed with Jason Myers last summer. However, there is another kicker that was brought up as a possibility last year that I am much more interested in, and that man’s name is Kaare Vedvik.

Vedvick is entering his second year in the league, both with the Baltimore Ravens after being undrafted in 2018. As mentioned, there was actually some interest in him last year before Jason Myers had a career year. Unfortunately, Vedvik was assaulted by a group of men where he suffered significant head and facial injuries, including his teeth being knocked out. But after recovering and showing he is back to himself, there is no choice but to actually consider giving up compensation for him. He’s the hottest name on the market and because he is behind all time great Justin Tucker, he won’t be sniffing the field for the Ravens anytime soon, easily making him available.

Last year, he hit 8 of 9 of his attempts. Then in the only game this year, he went 4 for 4 on field goals (55, 45, 29 and 26 yards out) and hit both of his extra point attempts. This all sounds amazing but to make it even better, he can absolutely boot the ball as a punter averaging 55.5 yards per punt in their Thursday night game.

The Norwegian born kicker is not a household name at this point in time, but he has the makings of a top NFL kicker who deserves to be starting for a team this 2019 season. The Jets have the late round ammo and the connections with the Baltimore front office to make this move happen. For all the excitement Jets fans have for this team right now, let’s hope Joe Douglas can get something done soon before our kicker inevitably loses us one too many games this year.