TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Trumaine Johnson’s 2018 Season

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Trumaine Johnson’s 2018 season…

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Trumaine Johnson’s 2018 season…

Johnson is in press but never gets his hands on and starts the rep by getting his weight on his heels. But he is able to stay square, eyes down and then get his hand on as Jones stems inside. TJ gets called for a hold but Jones stiff armed TJ. TJ also plays the ball very well.

Jets are in cover 1 as Johnson is in man coverage. TJ is in press until he plays off as the WR motions in so he and Adams are on different levels. TJ stays too far outside pre snap and doesn’t work to close ground/get overtop as the ball is snapped. Gives up and easy reception.

Jets run cover 2 and Johnson (bottom) aligns tight to the WR, gets his hands on as the WR works outside. TJ sees the slot working vertically into the “honey hole” of the defense. Johnson gets deeper to get underneath of the route. Johnson then gets up to the hitch.

Johnson (bottom) is in press man coverage on the WR who has a reduced split. Johnson false steps with his left foot as the ball is snapped (many coaches teach false steps) but he hops/gets weight on heels. TJ is then able to get hands on and match. Some good and bad here.

Johnson (bottom) is in off man coverage on the WR. In 2018 TJ was WAY to willing to play blind. Here the WR releases vertically as TJ shuffles but doesn’t work at all to maintain his outside leverage. The WR lives his route in TJ’s blind spot and beat him easy, missed ball.

Johnson got burned deep here and was extremely lucky there was a severe under throw/late ball. Johnson opens up in his shuffle and has his eyes on the QB the entire time. The WR lulls as he stems towards him, stabs outside and accelerates. TJ also looks back the ball very early.

Johnson beat deep again as he is in soft press with inside leverage. TJ never gets hands on (hate that in press) and opens the gate right away, giving the WR the outside. TJ gets his hand on but the WR is able to wipe it away and get the rec for a 67 yard TD.

And this time Johnson (bottom) is beat for 47 yards as the Jets are in another cover 1 look. Johnson lines up off and inside. The WR stems vertically but Johnson doesn’t weave to stay overtop and opens his hips up while far inside. The WR has plenty of room for the reception.

Johnson (top) is in man coverage on the outside WR as they try to run him underneath of a pick. TJ does a good job playing the WR underneath of it. Gets his eyes on the QB and attacks the ball in the air as he sees it is coming to him for the pick 6.

Johnson (top) is in off man coverage on the WR as the Jets run cover 1. TJ gets into a partial shuffle but still keeps his hips relatively square as he is reading both the QB and the WR. Cuts off the route with nice anticipation and a break. This is more of the Rams TJ.

Johnson travels with the WR as he is in man coverage. As the WRs line up tight TJ and Skrine play 1st in 1st out. Johnson again shuffles as he is too far inside of the WR, giving him anything breaking outwards. WR gets 20 yards.

Pretty easy INT for Johnson here as he is the “cloud” corner in this cover 2 defense. Johnson gets his hands on the outside WR as he widens out the sideline. TJ then gets his depth as he reads the QB who tries to hit #11 on the sideline. TJ gets the interception.

Not a bad rep vs Hopkins here for Johnson but not good enough to not allow a catch. TJ false steps at the snap but keep his weight on his toes. TJ doesn’t get hands on while his hips are square and overtop. Hopkins is able to use both hands with extension and boxes out.

Saw way too much of this from Johnson (bottom) in 2018. As the WR stems vertically Johnson opens up/gets deep into his shuffle very early as it looks like he is looking in the backfield. Any route breaking intermediate will beat Johnson on this rep.

Johnson (bottom) is playing in man vs Hopkin on 3rd and 7. TJ creeps backwards as Hopkins releases off of the line. Effectively giving Hopkins/Watson enough room for the catch on first down. TJ shouldn’t be giving any ground up as he is already aligned 7 yards off at the snap.

Last play of the short review. Johnson (bottom) aligns far outside and again opens up early into the rep as he has outside leverage as the Jets run cover 4. The WR breaks outside for the easy reception for the first down…