TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Leonard Williams’ 2018 Season

Joe Blewett with a film breakdown of New York Jets DL Leonard Williams

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Leonard Williams’ 2018 season…

One of Leo’s (3 tech on right) biggest issues with his pass rush is the inaccuracy in his hands at times on one of his more frequent moves in the double swipe. Here Leo stabs inside but then tries to win through the b-gap misses the double swipe and gets caught in the chest.

Leo (weak side 3 tech) comes off of the snap reading the RB to see if its run. As the RB breaks out Leo notices the OC with his hips open towards him, club-rips him while getting low. Shows some nice bend/power and gets the pressure on Stafford.

Leo (1 tech) gets off the snap, moving with the o-line, gets his hands inside of the centers. Shows leg strength absorbing the combo block from the backside RG. Uses extension to control the OC, reads the RB and then easily sheds to get in on the tackle.

Dolphins run tight zone out of 10 personnel. Leo (play side 3 tech) comes off the snap, getting his hands inside of the RG’s and stacks him with his length. Reads the RB who is making his way to the a-gap. Leo feels the RG working upfield, so he sheds underneath the block.

Dolphins run duo to the strong side out of the 11 personnel gun set. Leo (play side 3 tech) comes off the snap low and “dents” the post of this deuce combo block. Then reads the RB, sheds the block, hustles to the sideline and lays the big hit on the RB/WR as he jump cuts inside.

Leo (play side 3 tech) vs the RT who tries to block him down. Leo steps with the movement of the play and sees the RT coming. Gets his hands inside and gets extension. Notice the left arm of Leo punch upwards to clear the inside arm of the RT. Then chases down the RB for the tk.

This is some absurd athleticism for a 300+ pound dude. Leo lines up in the b-gap but is only responsible for one gap in the a-gap (will see this more with Gregg Williams). Leo takes one long lateral step, club-wipes, sees the RB cut away and dives for the tackle.

One area that Leo struggled with was rushing from wider then the 5 technique. Here he is lined up as a wide 5 but lacks a true pass rush plan. As Leo closes ground he gets his hands inside but doesn’t use any technique to defeat the hands or the block.

Dolphins run inside zone out of an 10 personnel gun set. Leo is lined up in the play side a-gap but as the ball is snapped he quickly backdoors the OC with a lateral step paired with a club arm-over. Then chases down the RB from behind, again showing really impressive athleticism

Leo (weak side 5 tech) shows some power here but JUST misses Taylor on the sack/stop. Leo rushes the OG with a bull rush as he gets his hands underneath/inside of the RG and then extends to keep clean. Leo sees Taylor moves and throws an arm over but just misses.

Another near miss for Leo (3 tech). The RG jump sets him as the Browns are running play action. Leo gets extension and sees that the RB doesn’t have the ball. Leo then drops his hips and throws a rip. The RG is able to slow Leo up but he shows good fight and barely misses.

Browns run duo and Leo is the play side 3 tech. Leo comes off of the snap and “dents the post” by getting low and hands inside. Leo keeps his eyes up and drives the LT right into the RB. Leo gets a arm on the RB but ends up tripping over Claiborne.

Leo (playside 3 tech) defeats the block of the RG as the RG loads up. Leo steps laterally and throws a club which puts the RG on his knees. Leo then chases down the RB but isn’t able tot make the tackle before he gets in for the TD. Leo didn’t have much help on this play.

Leo (3 tech) moves with the flow of the offensive line as the Jags run play action. Leo gets his hands inside, peaks into the backfield and sees pass. Leo then jerks into a arm over and get by the RG and gets the sack on Bortles.

Leo (4 tech on right) attacks the RT again with his hands underneath/inside. Leo keeps his inside arm free by using an outside pillar on the RT. Leo keeps his eyes on the RB and waits for the cutback. As the RB cuts back Leo wraps him up for the stuff on 3rd and 1.

Another good rush from Leo with a near miss as he trips over the RG’s leg towards the end of the rush. Leo ( 2i tech) beats the RG initially with a double swipe but then gets into the OC directly after. Leo beats him with a fork of the outside arm. Leo forces the throw away.

Leo (play side 3 tech) moves with the RG who is flowing to the right off of the snap. Leo gets his hands inside, gets extension and his eyes into the backfield. As the RB closes ground, Leo plants and arm overs the RG to make the tackle.

Jets run a “radar” defense with Leo standing up on the right edge. Leo rushes against the RT, his initial move doesn’t work as the RT is able to get his hands on Leo. Leo is then able to bull rush the RT into the QB who steps into Leo thanks to Anderson. Sack.

Jets throw an exotic look at the Broncos as Leo and Anderson are hip to hip as 5 techniques. Anderson rushes the RG as Wilcox comes off of the edge. 3 blockers occupied by 2 rushers which gives Leo to open lane through the A-gap to get the sack. Leo shows some athleticism.

Leo (3 tech) takes a lateral step with his left foot as the RG jumps outside. Leo takes the inside with a chop of the inside arm, into a rip and pull. The RB doesn’t stay in to block Leo who splits the sack with Jenkins.

Leo (wide 3 technique on right) rushes the RG (who he beat up this game) with a hesitation and then gets his hands inside as the RG comes wide with the left hand. Leo finds the QB and sees him drifting right, Leo bull-jerks into an arm over to beat the block. Getting pressure.

Leo (3 tech) along with Adams forces a throw away from Luck on this play. The RG shoots both hands locking his hips as Leo jumps outside paired with a double swipe into a rip. The RG isn’t able to cover and Luck is forced to throw the ball away.

Big time truck from Leo (0 tech) on Nelson. As Leo executes a club-rip on the center working to his right as a part of this NT stunt, Nelson chases Anderson inside. Leo and Nelson collide, Leo gets underneath Nelson’s pads and lift him off of the ground. Luck feels the pressure.

Leo (3 tech on right) and Anderson are again executing another stunt together. Anderson penetrates while Leo loops. Notice how Leo propels himself inside with his right hand on Anderson. Leo dips away from the contact of the RG and rips. Then gets left arm on the OC to keep away

Leo (wide 3 on left) forces another pressure (pressures don’t matter though) which leads to a throw away. Leo gets into the RG with his hands inside and drives through his legs create force. Cousins rolls out right and throws the ball away.

Leo (3 tech on left) forces Cousins to dirt the ball + the hold on the RG. Leo rushes the RG, his left arm ends up shedding away the right hand of the RG. Leo bull-jerks into an arm over to get the pressure even with the hold.

Takes Leo (0 tech) a few seconds to get there as there is a lot of hand fighting going on. Leo engages the OC at first and then goes into a jerk-arm over but the arm over turns into a rip. The OC repositions and then Leo swipes the hands into a rip to get the hit. Good effort.

Leo (1 tech) shows really good technique/power vs this combo block. Leo first engages with the OC but sees the RG coming. Leo drops his left knee nearly into the ground while hopping to absorb the hit from the RG. He turns that force into force against the OC. Gets in on the tk.

Bears run a IZ with a wham read on Leo. Leo closes ground on the mesh point while staying square to it. Trubisky hands it off to Howard, Leo shuffles with his hips still square which allow him to play Howard as he tries to cut back.

Leo is slanted 1 tech on play side of this weak OZ. Leo feels the zone steps of the offensive line and quickly gets himself in front of the center not allowing him to cover the gap. Leo throws a rip and pushes into the backfield to get the TKFL on Gore.


Dolphins run a one back power and the LT/LG are working on the deuce combo block to the backside LB. Leo gets into the “high leg” with his hands inside, as he feels the LT he drops that near knee and turn the momentum into circular force against the LG. Sheds and gets the tk.


Bills run a weak mid zone. Leo (play side 3 tech on left) gets into the RG with good leverage and hand placement, then uses his strength to extend. While extending Leo keeps his eyes into the backfield, the RB closes ground and Leo jerks the RG to the ground to get in on the tk.


Bills run a QB draw after the fake to McCoy in the flat. Leo (3 tech) gets his hands inside of the RG, gets his eyes into the backfield and sees Allen taking off through the opposite b gap. Leo sheds the block with a pull and swipe, chases down Allen for the tackle.


Some good athleticism shown for Leo (3 tech on right) on the backside of this play. The RT attempts to cut Leo but Leo gets his hands on assisting the RT into the ground while keeping his eyes on McCoy. McCoy cuts back and Leo is able to plant and dive for the tackle.


Leo (2i on left) moves with the zone steps of the offensive line. Gets his hands inside of the RG’s as he controls the a-gap. The RB cuts back and Leo easily sheds him to get in on the tackle. Showing some power here.


Leo (3 tech on right) splits a sack here with Anderson. Leo Lines up in the b-gap but penetrates the a-gap on the rush. Leo throws the rip but isn’t able to get it tight as the center widens him, Leo fights to work the rip in while closing ground on Rodgers for the sack.

Leo (3 tech on right) again shows some power. He is delayed getting off of the snap and winds up in the a-gap. Sees the RB’s track and is able to shed to block of the RG with circular force/power into an arm over. Then is free to get the run stuff on the RB.

Leo (6i tech on right) is on the backside of this tight zone-split. Leo initially fully engages Ground but then scrapes down the line to the RB while keeping his inside arm free. The RB cuts back, Leo plants hard and pulls Gronk past him with his left arm and is in pos for the tk

Leo (4 tech on left) is on the frontside of this trap run by the Pats. Leo anchors down vs the deuce combo block as he gets inside of the RT with good leverage, lifts, drops his left knee to lessen vs the LG. Leo then jerks the RT away and makes the tackle on the RB.

Last play of the review and its a sack on Brady. Leo (wide 5 on left) rushes up the arc and the RT attempts to cut block him. Leo gets his hands on the RT while jumping around the cut block. Closes ground and then gets the sack on Brady.