TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Jordan Jenkins’ 2018 Season

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Jordan Jenkins 2018 season…

Joe Blewett breaks down the film of Jordan Jenkins’ 2018 season…

Jenkins (left edge) rushes up the arc vs the RT. Jenkins swipes the inside hand away while placing his left arm of the shoulder/upper bicep of the RT’s outside should. Jenkins then throws the rip and shows some good power through his bend. JUST misses the ball for the likely FF.

Jenkins (8 tech, left edge) rushes upfield at first but then crashes down as the run is working opposite. The Y-TE hops backwards and tries to keep Jenkins on the backside. Jenkins gets his hands inside, gets good leverage and drives him back showing power. Then sheds.

Jenkins (6 tech, right edge) vs the TE on this draw out of gun. Jenkins gets low, hands inside and drives the TE into the Rb’s path. Jenkins is then able to free his right arm as the RB is within reach and makes the tackle.

Ive stated in the past (and even though Jenkins doesn’t get to the QB on this play) the biggest reason for Jenkins’ uptick in sacks (7) was his ability to stack moves together into one, don’t think the 7 sacks were a fluke. Here (right edge) he uses a swipe-club and rip + bend.

First play of the second game vs the Dolphins as they send Tannehill on a naked rollout. Jenkins shuffles too far inside/is late to realize that Tannehill kept the ball. Tannehill sees man coverage down the field and gets a big gain on the first play.

Dolphins run inside zone away from Jenkins (9 tech, left edge) and the Y-TE tries to block Jenkins to the backside. Jenkins gets underneath the TE with his hands inside and drives him down the LOS which eventually takes him into the RB who bends the run back.

Jenkins (9 tech, right edge) rushes up the arc, the RT tries to jump set as the pass is designed to get out quickly but opens his hips up. Jenkins swipes the inside arm with with inside which leads into a rip as his outside arm comes up to guard his chest against the right arm.

Earlier in the game Jenkins got beat with the play action into a rollout the opposite way. Here Jenkins (bottom edge) sees the play coming again and takes an aggressive angle to the QB. As he closes ground Jenkins uses his telepathic powers to force the fumble and recover it.

Another play action here as Tyrod cuts it short to hit the WR out to his right. Jenkins (left edge) doesn’t crash towards the RB but stays on an angle towards the QB. Tyrod sees Jenkins and dirts the ball but Jenkins is able to close ground and lays a shot.

While Jenkins is solid in the run game and definitely improved his pass rush he will still struggle with his awareness in zone coverage. Here (bottom edge) Jenkins gets a good re-route on the #3 WR but then doesn’t get underneath of him as Mayfield hits him for the completion.

Jenkins (right edge) is showing man on the TE as the Jets are capping him. As the TE breaks inside, Lee pick up his man coverage and Jenkins rushes from a wide angle. The RT is distracted by Leo and is forced to open his hips, Jenkins throws a rip + bends and gets the sack/fumble

Jenkins (left edge) comes off of the left edge vs the RT with outside lev initially as the Jaguars run a pin and fold on the frontside of the line. Jenkins sees the RBs track going inside so he fights inside instead of maintaining his outside leverage where the RB eventually cuts

Jenkins (left edge) comes into contact with the RT as the Broncos run a lead outside zone out of this 20 personnel gun set. Jenkins gets inside of the RT but then Jenkins long arms the RT to maintain his outside leverage. The RB cuts inside of Jenkins in the b-gap.

Jenkins (left edge) takes an aggressive step at the RT with his first step to soften his edge. Jenkins then throws a swipe on the punch of the RT into a rip. Shows nice bend and leg strength through it, right into the QB who was escaping from interior pressure.

Jenkins (bottom edge) takes on the TE as this zone run goes away from him. Jenkins gets his hands inside, keeping his eyes in the backfield on the RB and is able to shed to block for the tackle for a short gain.

Jenkins (6i, right edge) is responsible for the backside c-gap as the Vikings run inside zone to the weak side. Jenkins gets low, dropping his shoulder and fights through the contact of the Y-TE and the RT. Leading to him getting the run stuff on the RB as he goes to cut back.

Another play action rollout that Jenkins gets a hit on. Cousins fakes the handoff to the left and the offensive line flow that way. Jenkins doesn’t fall for it and takes an angle to the QB. Cousins gets the ball out but Jenkins is able to lay a good shot on him.

Good looking sack from Jenkins (left edge) on this play. Jenkins initially rushes at the RT as the RT 45 degree sets but ends up oversetting. Jenkins gets inside with a club-arm over. JJ is then met by the RG where he is able to land another rip right into the sack of the QB.

Jenkins (right edge) rushes from wide as the RT takes a more aggressive set towards Jenkins. Jenkins is able to get his hands up to swipe/deflect the hands of the RT, throw a rip and then show some bend while cornering to get another sack on the QB.

Jenkins (6i tech, left edge) doesn’t get in on the tackle but still a very impressive play showing off power. Takes on Ground with good leverage and hand placement. Puts an inside pillar/long arm on Gronk, takes on the puller and throws both of them to the ground.

Jenkins (right edge) gets another sack with a move that he developed this year. Jenkins stabs inside then alters his angle. The RT shoots his hands, Jenkins throws another double swipe into a rip. Bends the corner and gets the sack on the QB.

Jenkins (right edge) has shown that he is a tough player, who wont shy away from contact. Here he is on the backside/crashes downhill as the TE works underneath as a split blocker. Jenkins lowers his shoulder, taking the block and trucking the TE to the ground. Then makes the tk.

Easy sack for Jenkins here (right edge). The TE opens up but doesn’t get his legs under him as Jenkins lowers for contact. Jenkins gets his hand inside and jolts the TE backwards, then throws a rip while controlling the outside hand. Getting past the TE for the sack on Watson.