TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Jonotthan Harrison’s 2018 Season

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on New York Jets starting center Jonotthan Harrison

Joe Blewett breaks down the film of Jonathan Harrison’s 2018 season…

Harrison assist Winters on the 2 tech with a “hand check” to help him cover the inside gap/get physical leverage. Then works up to the LB, even though he trips over Winters, Harrison is able to get his hands on the LB and rip him to the ground.

Harrison is blocking back to the backside 3 tech. Harrison uses a gallop technique to close ground quickly on the DT. Harrison gets there quickly (head ducks and hands wide) and is able to hold him on the backside while resetting hands and feet.

Jets run a tight zone out of a 11 personnel singleback set. Harrison takes a brace step with his left foot as he anticipates contact with the backside 1 tech. Harrison covers the play side gap, resets his left hand as he is responsible for the NT. Drives him through the whistle.

Like the effort from Harrison on this block. As he drops into his pass set he is reading the MLB to see if he will blitz. As the MLB squats, Harrison then looks to the right. Finds a block on the DE that Winters had already snatch-trapped into the ground.

Jets run IZ zone split out of this 11 personnel singleback set. Harrison attempts to hand check the 2 tech on the play side but the 2 tech moves away as the ball in snapped. Harrison chases the block and doesn’t stay square to the LOS/Mike resulting in the Mike getting behind.

Harrison blocks back to the 2 tech as Carpenter pulls to the play side. Harrison doesn’t get his feet under him coming into the block + his hands come from low and wide. Leading to him getting arm over’d into the ground.

Harrison vs the 0. Harrison throws the left hand but pulls it back as the NT tries to swipe/chop it. Harrison then gets his outside hand overtop and inside hand eventually gets reset into the ribs on the NT. Harrison wrenches him, gets help from Carp and gets the NT on the ground

Harrison vs the 2i tech . The 2i tech throws a club-arm over and Harrison tries to recover by getting both hands under the armpits. Winters assist Harrison with getting better leverage. Harrison is then able to use circular force to get the IDL off balance and to the ground.

Jets run another IZ split out of 11 personnel. Harrison does a good job playing long with the hand check on the 2 tech while keeping his hips square. Harrison comes in the the block on the Mike with a wide punch but is able to contain him. This run didn’t fail because of Harrison.

Harrison vs the 2 tech who eventually comes inside after getting punched by Winters. Harrison hands come from wide but he feels the IDL leaning into him/off balance. Harrison again uses circular force while stepping away to get the IDL on the ground.

Jets run an mid/outside zone with the FB arc blocking. Harrison works to Edmunds but takes an angle that isn’t flat enough, need to see a more conservative/smart angle here to cut off a LB like Edmunds when you know he will be working to the play side.

Solid block here from Harrison on the loose 1 tech. Harrisons inside hand comes from a little wide but still ends up getting underneath of 98’s arm. Harrison then continues to reset his hands/feet while hopping and holding his anchor.

Harrison shuffles left in his gap protection as he passes off the LB who is “sugaring” the a-gap. Harrison is met by Williams who is crashing inside, Harrison gets his inside arm under Williams. Harrison then uses that circular force to throw Williams into the ground.

Harrison uses a scooch technique on the 1 tech as Winters uses a ricochet technique before he moves to the second level. Harrison keeps his hands on and is able to drive the NT into the ground (aided by his legs getting tied up).

Hold on Harrison here as the Jets run a mid zone out of a 12 personnel singleback set. Harrison again doesn’t take an effective angle to #52 which results in a hold call on Harrison.

Harrison gets caught chasing a little bit here as he gets beat inside. Harrison drops back with no one to block but needs to get get on the level of the LG or even deeper as the left side if overloaded. Harrison opens his hips which makes it hard to drop his post foot.

Not a good block from Harrison as he is working against the 1 tech. Harrison doesn’t do a good job keeping his head into the block and doesn’t get hands on. The IDL is able to shed this block easily because of this and get in on the tackle.

Harrison gets caught chasing another stunt here. Clowney stands up in the A-gap and crashes as the 3-tech loops around. Harrison doesn’t keep his hips square to the line and opens up. Making it hard for him to get inside on the looper. “Turn the turret, not the tank”

Solid block from Harrison here vs the 1 tech. The Jets run play action, Harrison comes off of the ball and roots his feet. Harrison then comes overtop with his left as his right arm comes underneath. Harrison then works to get in front of the block with good leverage.

Harrison is tasked with blocking the tight 1 technique on the backside. Harrison uses a scooch technique once again to cover the play side gap. Harrison gets his right arm under and then works the NT downfield.

Last play of the Harrison review. Harrison blocks the 1 tech passively and isn’t able to get either one of his hands inside. The NT is able to get past Harrison but then trips over the LG’s foot which saves Harrison from giving up a sack by his assignment.