TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Jamal Adams’ Sophomore Season

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Jamal Adams’ sophomore season…

Taking a look at Jamal Adams’s Sophomore season, over 68 plays. Don’t miss the breakdowns of Sam Darnold here…

Cant leave Adams unblocked on the backside of any run especially an interior zone. Here the Lions motion into a I-form strong right and run up the middle. Adams times the snap off of the backside, McLendon blows up the play side a-gap forcing the RB back and Adams cleans up.

Adams is a smart player and is aggressive as hell. Here he is in the box but as Jones motions tighter into the c-gap Adams is tipped off that its a run as he moves the LB over. Adams shoots the backside c gap on this zone runs, blows up the WR and makes the tackle.

Jets put a lot of trust in Adams here in this cover 2 man look as Adams start in the box with Claiborne showing man but then drops into a deep 1/2 zone. Adams gets underneath the WR. Stafford throws and Adams plays the ball well as he plays thorough the WR and with his inside arm

Adams (deep bottom right) diagnoses the power run that the Lions run out of this 12 personnel gun set. Presses towards the LOS and meets the RB in the hole as he starts to work to the second level. Is able to slip through the block of Tate who comes to crack him.

Adams (bottom) is put in a tough spot in this cov 3 def as the post of this scissors concept carries Claiborne inside. Adams is left on an island between the corner route and the RB in the flat. Adams sees Stafford throwing behind him. Hip flip, closes ground and jars ball loose.

Easy INT for Adams here. Adams is in man coverage on the TE in the slot (right), gets hands on the TE and then looks back at the QB as the TE is breaking. QB throws the ball way behind the TE, Adams peels off and gets the INT. Decent YAC as well

Strip sack for Adams on this PA. As the TE works underneath as the sifter he attempts to block Adams. Adams changes his angle, gets his left hand inside and pulls the TE to the ground. Then chases down Tannehill, secures the tackle with the left hand and chops with the right.

Not sure what Adams numbers were at the combine but they most likely undersold his actual play speed. Adams (on right hash) is in off man on the TE and the Dolphins run a mesh concept. Adams makes up ground on the TE QUICKLY as Tannehill puts it too far outside.

Adams is looked at as an enforcer because of the hits he laid this season + how hard he plays on every snap. Here the Jets are in cover 1 and Adams is the high safety. Tannehill hits Amendola on the slant but Adams makes sure he feels it.

Dolphins run duo out of this 11 personnel gun set. Adams presses the LOS with his eyes into the backfield on the RB. Gets past the LG’s block with some length/active hands and makes the tackle on Gore.

Adams blitzes off of the right side. As the line works to their right the RB works opposite and is tasked with blocking Adams. Adams alters his angle, attacks the RB getting his on first and then uses an arm over to get past the RB. Gets pressure in Tyrod’s face.

Adams is beat in coverage here (bottom) as he is in man coverage on Landry (#2). Adams is playing off with heavy inside leverage. As Landry stems Adams inside Adams opens his hips inside too early. Allowing an easy break outside for Landry but Tyrod misses him.

Baker drops back and is reading the defense but holds the ball as he sees nothing open. Moves to his left which is close to Adams shallow zone. Adams makes the decision to rush Baker, which results in a fumble/int but it didn’t count because of a hold on Claiborne.

Adams reads the formation, is expecting run and itching for the ball to be snapped. The LG pulls which confirms what Adams thought, Adams accelerates through the vacated gap that that the guard left. Tracks down that RB and gets the run stuff.

Jags run a mesh-sit concept. #84 gets hit on the drag route working to the boundary side. #84 tries to get some extra yards which Adams isn’t going to let happen. Adams lowers his shoulder and trucks the WR out of bounds then stares him down 👀

Jets run cover 1 with both Adams and Maye dropping into intermediate zones. Jags run their field side #1 (top) underneath of a pick/rub trying to pick up the first down. Adams reads Bortles eyes and shuts down the play quickly.

Adams built on his rookie year/showed that he was elite in the run game. Hard to ever leave him unblocked on any type of run as his processing is so quick + he has top notch acceleration. Here he rotates to the field and DT motions. Processes the run, accelerates and gets the tk.

Good coverage snap from Adams as he is working in man coverage against the off TE (top). Broncos try to pick Adams as the TE breaks into the flat. Adams gets his hands on, works to stay overtop and then gets on the TE. QB throws the ball over the TE’s head.

Saw this much more in his rookie year and its something he definitely improved on in his second year. But here we see the RB break into the second level. Adams takes a little bit of an aggressive angle and then winds up missing the tackle because he shoots too low.

One of the plays that Adams got “beat” in coverage even though there was a pretty clear push off by Ebron. Adams is in off man on Ebron (#3 on bottom). Adams footwork could bit a little cleaner but he still plays the route very well. Ebron cuts with a push off and gets the catch.

Next play of the game and another pretty clear push off that Adams was beat on. Jets run cover 1 and Adams is in man on the Y-TE on the bottom. Adams takes an angle that too aggressive to the TE letting the TE create space vertically but then the TE pushes off as the ball arrives

Jets run cov 4. Adams ends up being responsible for the TE who is flexed (bottom). Adams opens his hips and is playing too far inside as the TE gets inside of Lee. Taking him out of position to play any outward break. Adams could’ve been expecting Lee to play this better as well.

Jets run Tampa 2 vs a pole concept on the bottom. The TE tries to get into the soft spot behind the hook/seam zone and underneath Adams as the deep 1/2 safety. Adams shows really good acceleration to the TE and gets to him as the ball does. Getting the pass breakup

Missed tackle here from Adams. The RB read the the right side is messy and he decides to cut back to the left side. Adams comes downhill from deep and takes an angle thats a little to high/aggressive and ends up missing the tackle on the RB.

Vikings run a wolf concept which is a smash variation to the top of the screen as the Jets are in cover 2. Adams gets caught looking at the QB as the ball is snapped and is never able to get overtop of the corner route from Thielen. Shows good acceleration to the WR though.

Another team who tries to run with Adams on the backside/unaccounted for on this inside/tight zone. Shepard blows up the run from the interior and Adams shoots from the backside of the play to clean up.

Adams BLOWS up Treadwell on this run. Adams is itching to go at the snap as he knows the run is coming. Treadwell gets tight so Adams gets tighter so he can shoot that E-gap. Ball is snapped, Adams drops his shoulder into Treadwell taking him off his feet and makes the tackle.

Way too aggressive from Adams here on what was probably his worst play of his season. The Vikings run a weak mid zone but the RB cuts back as his play side reads are all clogged. Thielen comes to crack Adams, Adams is distracted by the crack as the RB cuts right upfield, TD.

Vikings tried to run the same play that Adams blew up earlier in the game again. Adams in on the top edge and they motion Treadwell in again to block Adams on this zone run. Adams again shoots the e-gap and makes the tackle. This run has no chance.

Have to LOVE the energy and aggression that Adams brings to the team/every snap. 3rd and goal from the 11 yard line. Cousins hits Murray in the flat, Roberts and Lee are going to make the tackle. Adams comes flying downhill and lays a shot on Murray.

Another play that shows Adams energy and aggression. Cousins looks to Diggs on the whip after the play action as Jenkins is in his face. Lee is able to wrap up Diggs as Claiborne comes to assist. Adams coming jumping on top of the small pileup.

Vikings try to run a weak mid/inside zone away from Adams. Adams times the snaps well on the backside. Is able to chase down the RB from behind as the RB has to slow up because of Leo/Jenkins. TKFL

Vikings try this again on Adams. Adams calls it out as he has seen it so many times. Times the snap, gets past Treadwell and assist the TE in going to the ground. Dives into the RB with Treadwell on his back to get in on the tackle.

Adams is down in the box on the strong side of the formation. As the Bears put the WR in jet motion, Adams gets tighter. Trubisky fakes/reads the MLB for the handoff as the TE works underneath. Trubisky pitches it to the TE but Adams is there for the stuff.

Even though the first play (of these two) goes for a first down. Just wanted to show Adams effectiveness off of the edge and snap timing. First play he is on the top edge and 2nd he is on the bottom edge which is a stuff.

Adams (bottom near hash) sees Amendola motioning closer to the box to come and block him. Adams then gets tighter to the edge, times the snap and shoots inside for the tackle for minimal game. Film study + athleticism + aggression

Another great example of film study by Adams. Adams stated that he knew this wildcat run wouldn’t go to the strong side because they had a WR who couldn’t block to that side. Adams gets tight, shoots the b-gap, fights through the block of the LT and get the tackle for loss.

Some good/bad here from Adams on this man snap vs Gieseke. Adams jump splits at first which puts his weight on his heels and forces him to open without contact. But then gets hands on (have to watch that right hand. Fights to stay and the hip and good left over left at the end.

Adams blitzes through the b-gap. McCoy comes up to block Adams after the play action but you can tell he doesn’t want any of it. McCoy turns to absorb the hit as Adams drops his helmet and TRUCKS McCoy and then lays a good shot on the QB.

McCoy gets Adams back here as the Bills run a inside zone split with an orbit motion working opposite. Adams comes off of the play side edge a little uncontrolled and attacking too high. McCoy sees Adams, plants and spins outside for a 25 yard gain.

Bills run a draw and have everyone accounted for but are taking their chances on McCoy being able to beat one man in Adams. Adams closes ground, McCoy breaks outside getting into a foot race with Adams. Adams defeats the stiff arm of McCoy and forces him out of bounds.

Late in the game and the Jets were getting stomped in this game. Seems like Adams was taking out some of his frustration. Here the Bills run a fake toss into what was most likely a throw to a fade route. Adams trucks the LG but the QB gets rid of the ball quickly.

Adams times another snap here as he is in the box and the strong side. Adams presses towards the LOS as he knows the snap is coming, takes off and crosses Gronk’s face through the c-gap before he can get out of his stance. Helps clean up the tackle with Pennel.

Jets drop into cover 2. Adams backpedals at first but then sees Gronk open as he cuts outwards. Checks to see if Brady is throwing it, which he is. Adams shows good acceleration to close ground and puts his head the ball as Gronk is pulling it in. Forces the incompletion.

Jets are in a cover 6 and Adams is responsible for the #2 as he stems downfield. Adams opens his hips too early instead of staying square. Makes it up though as he executes a speed turn and shows good closing speed. Hits Edelman as he catches the ball forcing another incompletion

Adams rocked Edelman a few times this game as he does here. Adams (out of screen at first, walks down on near hash) works downhill as its a run play. Notices Edelman coming to block him, drops his shoulder and lays Edelman out. After the play is over talks some smack as well.

Adams man vs Gronk as the Pats want that matchup. Adams plays the fade hard as he opens up immediately and works to stay on top of Gronk throughout the route, which he is able to do. Plays through Gronk and locates the ball. Might have gotten an INT if he attacked the ball.

Another snap that Adams gives Edelman the business. Edelman motions tighter to the Y to help him get better leverage on Adams. Adams responds by getting tighter as well. Adams times the snap, drops his shoulder trucking over Edelman and gets in on the end of the tackle.

Adams wasn’t put in a good position here as the Patriots run a weak mike zone. Adams is on the backside of the play. As the RB cuts to the backside Adams comes a little too aggressively downhill instead of playing the run safe. RB cuts opposite of Adams and gets a good chunk.

Jets run cover 3 cloud. Adams is lined up deep on the far hash. Adams sees Gronk breaking inside on the over. He then breaks towards Gronk and shows some really good closing speed to keep the gain minimal.

Another aggressive angle that ends up hurting Adams (top right) here. The RB gets outside on the one back power and Adams comes downhill to contain. Adams takes an aggressive angle downhill instead of containing the outside as he has help coming from the inside.

Nice hit here from Adams on this 3rd down. Jets show Adams as a high safety but drop him into a hook/seam zone as Claiborne drops into a safety role of this Tampa 2. Adams sees the drag coming from opposite, drives on it and lays a nice hit.

There are plenty of RB/TE/WR’s who don’t like to block Adams for this reason. Even if its to his determent at times Adams likes to lay people out of try to block him. Here he blitzes off of the right side, Lewis tries to block him. Adams lower his shoulder and trucks him.

Adams is on the backside of this mid zone weak. The WR who is aligned tight tries to cut off block Adams. Adams gets his hands on and uses his length while reading the RB. The RB cuts backside and Adams is able to clear the WR off of him and make the tackle.

Titans run a counter of out of 13 personnel to the field side. Adams is on the backside but creeps down as he reads the run. Stays on the backside but then sees Lewis cut upfield. Adams closes ground quickly and lays a good shot on the RB.

Adams is in man coverage on Clay. As Clay stems inside Adams shuffles inside, Clay sits down and then breaks inside. Adams misses Clay here because as he is closing ground his eyes are on the QB and he losses Clay in front of him because of it. The LB is there to clean it up.

Good play from Adams here to contain the screen as the Bills fake the handoff, then the end around and then throw it to the RB. Adams gets his hands on the WR as he is reading the RB’s lane. Uses his length in his left arm, comes across with a chop with the right and makes the tk

Like this man rep from Adams here (near hash, man on #3). As Graham stems towards Adams, Adams does a good job of keeping his hips square to Graham as he backpedals waiting for Graham to make his move. Graham cuts inside of Adams and Adams stays overtop shutting him down.

Soft penalty thrown here by the refs as this was a solid man rep from Adams on Graham. First phase would like to see more active hands but Adams is able to make contact and stay overtop. Then locates the QB and sees the ball coming, adjust to it and plays through Graham’s hands.

Like the aggressiveness from Adams here as the Patriots run a lead iso. Adams follows the TE in motion to the play side. As the ball is snapped the FB runs up the C-gap at Adams. Adams lowers his shoulder, taking on the FB and then makes the tackle as well.

Edelman doesn’t like playing against Adams. Patriots run an inside zone split with Edelman working underneath to block Adams on the backside. Edelman closes ground on Adams but Adams gets his hands on and forces Edelman into a 180 and gets in on the tackle.

Another rep that Adams reads run and makes a play. Adams sees Edelman coming in motion across the formation, times the snap well because of that motion and is able to chase down the run from behind.


Jets are in cover 3/6 against the Patriots who run a yankee concept. Adams is responsible for Edelman as he is running a deep over (#2 up top). As Edelman is closing ground on Adams, Adams gets caught looking into the backfield which allows Edelman to create separation.

Adams is in man coverage on Gronk here but gives up 14 yards on the completion. As Gronk releases vertically Adams needs to either shuffle more overtop or weave overtop in his backpedal. Has leverage too far inside allowing Gronk room outside.

Adams (bottom) has a curl-flat zone. As he takes his exit angle he stays overtop of the #1 WR. He then sees Brady pull the ball down and look to the RB in the flat. Adams closes ground quickly and lays a good shot on the RB.

Have highlighted it earlier in the review but this is the last example of the review of Adams aggressiveness hurting him at times. Patriots run counter of and the RB ends up breaking it up the field. Adams comes too hard downhill instead of reacting to where the RB cuts.

Yet another example of Adams owning Edelman. Patriots run a one back power and Edelman works from the field side to crack Adams. Adams sees Edelman coming, lowers his shoulder into him and then gets in on the tackle. Check Edelman’s body language after the play.

Last play of the review. Pats are in I-form left and run a lead zone on 3rd and 1. Adams moves to the strong side of the play. The FB closes ground on Adams, Adams puts his shoulder down and trucks the FB as Williamson comes over for the tackle.