TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Brandon Shell’s 2018 Season

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Brandon Shell’s 2018 season…

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Brandon Shell’s 2018 season…

Failed run as Long gets dominated inside but Shell (RT) also throws an ineffective block. Shell (vs the loose 3) needs to work more laterally, covering the play side gap before working into the defender. Punch is also wide which results in Shell getting “splashed”.

Shell vs the 4i. Shell again needs to work more horizontally before trying to work into the defender, “give ground to gain ground”. Shell isn’t able to cover the play side gap, ducks his head and hands come from wide. #93 gets his hands inside and easily sheds Shell for the tkle.

Shell vs a 4i tech on another inside handoff. Shell again doesn’t work to cover the play side gap with something like a scotch technique, but more roots down conceding the play side gap. Leans into the block without his legs under him and gets shed allowing the tackle on the RB.

Jets run outside zone to the weak side out of this 11 personnel single back set. Cannon’s speed turning the corner gets him yards. Shell blocks the EMOL but again doesn’t have control of the block as he punches from wide while leaning. Never getting hands inside or feet under.

Good play from Shell on this wide zone out of a 13 personnel singleback set. Shell does a good job playing long/using his length and he assist Winters with the 4i tech while not over committing. Then works to the 2nd level and ends up driving the LB into the ground.

Shell allows a pressure here vs Wake (9 tech) as he shows why he is susceptible to bull rushes. Which for Shell is all about technique and not power. Here Wake rushes the arc as Shell gets into his kick slide. Shell throws wide and weak hands, opening his chest = effective bull

Rep showing some of Shell’s strength here. As Wake closes ground on Shell’s 45 degree set Shell ducks his head (don’t want to necessarily see that) into the block but gets his hands on and throws wake a good yard or two to his knees. Would like to see some kiler instinct though.

Good block (for the most part) from Shell on the DE. Shell takes a 45 degree set, and gets a little bit too wide but is able to get his left hand into the chest and right hand into the shoulder pad of the DE as he tries to knife inside. Shell then matches the DE as he spins away.

Another negative rep from Shell in the run game as the Jets run inside zone and he is tasked with blocking the OLB. Shell is pretty passive overall here as he works horizontally and throws passive hands inside of climbing a step or two then kicking out. OLB controls the chest.

Never want to see this. Jets run a frontside pin and pull action. Shell gets into space and has a full head of stem into the LB that he should be able to kick out. Shell never gets his hands on and comes into the block high. Shell gets trucked by a guy he has 40-50 pounds on.

Shell vs Fowler who is lined up with his hand in the dirt. Shell gets into his kick. slide on the 45 degree set. Shell still has a punch thats high and wide here but its a little more aggressive then normal. Shell is able to latch and screw Fowler tight and keep him blocked.

Darnold gets rid of the ball quick here but Shell also gets beat quickly. As Shell takes another aggressive 45 degree set vs Fowler who is wide, he opens his hips up immediately with his weight on his toes. Fowler responds correctly with a spin move inside to beat Shell.

Shell works with the TE on the trey combo block on the frontside of this run. Shell uses a ricochet technique as he is going to work to the second level (high leg) to the LB. Shell keeps his eyes on the backside LB and trucks him as he works inside.

Jets run a toss out of I-form left. As the OLB engages Herndon as Shell is working outside he finds the block of #95 who is working overtop of Winters. Shell shows some power as he gets his left hand into the #95’s chest and extends him which throws him into the ground.

The 3 tech that Shell blocks never makes the tackle but its still not a good block. Shell is the “post” of this deuce block. Shell takes a near step as the ball is snapped but ducks his head into the block while bending at the waist. Shell needs to cover the play side here…..

Shell takes a 45 degree set vs the 9 tech to his right. Shell isn’t able to keep his hips square as he open up almost immediately. Shell ducks his head into the block but is able to get hands inside but isn’t able to get his full body behind it. The DE eventually wins for the sk

Bad feet from Shell again on this rep. His first kick of his kick slide with that outside foot covers now ground if he is trying an more aggressive set vs the 9 (should just set vertically). Shell again opens quickly which allows the DE to just work vs the arms. SD steps up.

Another rep that Shell is facing a 9 tech that he opens up immediately (literally on his very first step that covers no ground). Shell needs to work vertto cut off the DE instead of just opening up n allowing the DE to just work through arms and not the body. Another sack allowed

Jets run another lead zone but this time out of 12 personnel to the weak side. Shell is assisted on the combo block from Winters with the ricochet technique. Shell isn’t able to cover ground to cover the play side gap, would like to see a scooch tech from Shell.

Shell vs Wake (9 tech) yet again. Shell covers no ground on his first step which will never work vs any good DE/OLB no matter the pass set. Shell pairs the bad step with opening his hips up. Wake initiates contact and throws the rip to get the hit on Darnold……again.

Rinse and repeat……Same as the last few plays. Shell doesn’t cover ground with his first step and opens his hips. Wake gets in on the sack of Darnold. Pollack has a lot of work to do with Shell if they see him as the long term RT.

Shell allows a pressure/should have been called for a hold here. Jets run play action, Shell takes too big of steps outside/creates room through the b-gap. Shell then punches wide, allowing the OLB to get under his pads and control his chest. Rips inside and Shell “wrenches”

Much better rep from Shell here vs the DE. Shell splits the DE, runs his feet, drops his post foot as the DE crashes inside. The RG picks up the block as the LB loops around to Shell. Shell shows some fluid hips/quickness to get back outside on the LB.

Shell allows another big hit here because of his feet. Shell stays square with the DE for the first few steps. As soon as the DE threatens up the arc, Shell again opens his hips instead of working to stay square. Shell punches wide, the DE controls the hand/wrist and rips.

Nothing majorly bad here but something I wanted to note. Shell works to the backside LB as the Jets run power to his side. Shell winds up chasing the tight 3 tech as he works away. Putting himself in a disadvantageous position vs the LB.

Shell vs #91 who rushes slow off of the snap, stabs inside and then tries to get outside. Shell executes a circle punch as the edge tries a stab-club. Shell fights to rework his hands and is able to match the edge.

Shell gets into his slide as the DE knifes inside, Shell drops his post foot and matches him until Winters picks him up. The looper loops (🤔), Shell drops his post foot again and gets on the LB. Good overall quickness shown.

Last play….Shell needs to take big steps in the run game this upcoming year. Shell takes a lead step but leans into the block as his hands wind up and come from really wide. Again letting the EMOL control the chest which leads the to easy shed as he gets in on the tackle.