TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Avery Williamson’s 2018 Season

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Avery Williamson’s 2018 season

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Avery Williamson’s 2018 season…

Williamson (on hash) drops into his zone. Stafford loads up to hit a WR coming from the right side on the snag. Williamson closes ground and lays a good shot. We know that Williamson is an enforcer type over the middle.

Even though the pass is completed (not Williamson’s fault) Williamson (on hash) does his job. As the drops into his hook zone he sees the WR coming across the field on the drag within the 5 yard window. Williamson steps in front of the route and trucks WR over.

Jets run Tampa 2. Williamson opens up to the strength of the pass to his left. As the #2/3 don’t threaten his zone, Williamson gets square to the LOS and looks at the QB. Would like to see him have better awareness/check the opposite side and get underneath the post from the Y-TE

Browns run a outside zone to the strong side of this 11 personnel shingleback set. Williamson presses the play side b-gap but flatten out his angle as the RB flattens his. Adams forces the runner inside, Williamson meets the RB in the c-gap as he jump/trips over the TE.

Williamson winds up on the backside of this power run out of 22 personnel. Williamson flows to the play side as the RT works out of the deuce block on the play side to Williamson. Williamson gets his hands inside, drops his weight to get leverage/extension and then makes the tkle

Athletic play from Williamson who is the backside LB on this duo run out of a singleback set. Williamson scrapes overtop to the playside as the center can’t make his way up to Williamson. Shows some good burst/athleticism to get to the RB/make the tackle.

Easy sack here for Williamson on Tyrod. Williamson rushes towards the a-gap but delays as neither gap is defined, eventually choosing the right side of the center. Accelerates through the gap and drags Tyrod down for the sack.

Browns run another outside zone out of this 11 personnel single back set. Williamson flows to the playside as the LG works to the second level. The LG doesn’t put himself in a good position but AW hips the outside arm away. Attacks the b-gap and shows nice COD to make the tackle.

Williamson is on the backside of this counter out of 13 personnel as he follows the LG who is pulling. The RT works to Williamson after the deuce block, AW gets his hands inside, uses strength to extend. Drops his weight and rips through, then dives to make the tackle.

Browns sub an extra o-lineman into the game and are in 22 personnel. Run to the weak side of the formation with a frontside lead pin and pull. Williamson (backside over RG) scrapes overtop, with his eyes on the RB and makes the tackle on the goal line.

Williamson (near hash) eventually takes on the block from the TE which he takes on with power while keeping his eyes on the rb. Williamson wraps up the RB but the RB fights for more yards. Williamson has his left arm around to secure and the right arm rips the nose of the ball.

Broncos run a lead outside zone out of this split gun set. Williamson’s overaggressiveness hurts him here as the RB’s track is flat and outside, AW tries to shoot the backside a-gap, which even without the block of the OC would be a hard angle. Needs to stay overtop here.

Pretty easy play here for Williamson (Will on backside of run) as he reads and reacts to the run. Williamson keys in on the RG who pulls to the play side as the OC blocks back, along with the RB’s track. Williamson meets the RB in the backfield for the TKFL.

The Colts have 3 rbs behind Luck who is under center and run a mirrored concept with two stick routes with the two of the RB’s hitting the flats. The stick routes widen Williamson/Lee as the other RB sits in between. AW reacts and is able to rip the ball out in mid air.

Not the best coverage snap from Williamson here as is in man coverage on the TE as the Jets run a blitz with cover 1 behind it. Williamson is trying to disguise the coverage but is lined up too far inside. Williamson is able to catch up to Ebron but never plays the ball/hands.

Williamson (in between hashes) opens up to the field side but as the #2 works underneath on the drag route AW gets depth in his zone. Luck tries to hit a WR on a dig but Claiborne plays it well. AW is in the right place at the right time for the INT. Nice hands + awareness.

Another negative coverage rep here from Williamson who is near far hash. Williamson opens up to the strength of the passing formation as he gets into his Tampa 2 role. Williamson is looking back at luck and doesn’t see the #3 working up the seam. Doesn’t work to it….TD

Bad rep from multiple Jets here including Williamson who is on the backside of this weak outside zone. Williamson gets sucked into the LOS near the backside b-gap instead of seeing the RB’s track, staying overtop and keeping clean which leads to the tackle most likely.

Vikings stack 10 guys in the box. The Jets respond aggressively with both Adams/Jenkins off of the right and with Williamson who is standing on hash. He shoots the a-gap, getting skinny, fighting through contact and gets in on the tackle of the RB.

Jets in man vs the Bears who are in this gun set. Williamson blows his man assignment on Cohen as he presses through the LOS. AW attempts to get a hand out Cohen but he slips past it. Cohen gets the reception and runs for a 70 yard TD.

Solid coverage rep from Williamson (left hash). AW drops into his zone as the reads the near threat which is coming underneath on the drag. Williamson then reads the QB’s eyes and then matches the snag/stop from the opposite side.

Williamson (left hash) follows the puller on this one back power. Keeping clean while he shuffles laterally along the LOS as he finds the tackle on the RB.

Bears run an inside zone read option. Williamson is lined up as the Will, stays patient waiting for the RB to break through the line. Uses his hands to keep clean and then shows some good burst to make the tackle on the RB.

Williamson is “sugaring” the a gap along with Lee. Williamson breaks through the LOS clean as the RB Drake works across to block him. As Drake ducks his head, Williamson takes a lateral steps and opens his hips to avoid contact, paired with a club arm-over to get the sack.

Dolphins run IZ to the weak side. Williamson winds up on an island vs the LG who works immediately to the 2nd level. Williamson initiates contact with the LG which stands him up, then uses a cross chop to clear the inside arm and makes the tackle. Really good play from AW.

Bad play but many Jets on this play which was an easy 30 yard TD run for McCoy as the Bills run a split zone with a jet motion working opposite. The movement to the opposite side of the run pulls Williamson over and out of position to make a play on the run.

Williamson (on left hash) is on the play side of this weak mid zone. The center works to the 2nd level off of the snap. AW lowers his shoulder into him and gets hands inside, then uses a inside pillar to keep the center off of him. AW gets in on the tackle.

Jets drop into Tampa 2, Williamson (near top hash) drops into his deep hook as he opens up to the strength of the pass. Nothing threats his zone from the strength so he gets square and sees the dig working from the boundary. AW takes a bad angle to cut off the route…completion.

Jets run another Tampa 2 defense. Williamson drops into the deep hook as he matches Gronk working vertically as a part of the crease-cab concept. AW flips his hips deep down the field as he looks back at Brady and the ball is completed over his head for the TD.

Patriots wedge block on the goal line as Patterson attempts to jump over the LOS for the TD. Williamson stays patient overtop and then shows some serious power catching a 220 pound dude in mid air and drives him to the ground.

Illegal contact from Williamson (top hash) as he matches the #3 as he threatens his hook zone. AW initiates contact after the 5 yards window instead of working on a safer angle overtop which leads to the ref throwing the flag.

Bills run a lead zone out of this open I formation. Williamson takes on the FB head on in the play side b-gap. Williamson drops his shoulder, jolting the FB back and then rips through with his left arm to get in on the tackle of the RB.

Williamson (on hash) is on the backside of this outside zone out of 11 personnel. As the RB cuts back Williamson gears down and reads him in the backfield. The RB cuts all the way back to the backside c-gap. AW shows some nice stop/start and overall athleticism to make the tackle

Another open I-formation but this time from the Packers as the Jets are in an under look. Packers run an inside zone split, AW is distracted but the FB who works to the backside EMOL taking himself out of position to make the tackle.

Jets run a cover 0 with Roberts (deep) on a bracket of Adams. Williamson (near hash) is suppose to play underneath of the inside breaking route of the 2 on the bottom. Williamson hops as the ball is snapped and isn’t able to stay underneath of the route. Rodgers misses the window

Really good coverage rep from Williamson here as he again drops back into the deep hook zone of this Tampa 2 defense. AW opens to the strength, the #3 works vertical but cross AW face so he flips. AW drives as the #3 stops and plays the ball well AS its getting there for the PD.

Jets run cover 1 as there is some confusion from Williamson (bottom) on what his assignment is. Jones points him in the right direction as he is to cover the #2 on the field side. Williamson isn’t in good position at the snap and never gets overtop. Easy TD for the Pats.

Pats run a counter OF out of this I formation strong left. Williamson (left of left hash) winds up on the backside of the run put plays the run too aggressive over the top (while Adams does too) allowing a big gain. Needs to play the FB more inside as Hewitt squeezes.

Last play of the review. Pats motion into an I-formation left and run a lead zone on 3rd and 1. Adams takes on the FB as Williamson works to the play side. The LT tries to get his outside arm on AW but he clears it with his inside arm. Keeps eyes on the RB then makes the tackle.