TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Free Agent Signing, Brian Poole

Joe Blewett breaks the film down on newly acquired New York Jets slot CB Brian Poole

Taking a look at Brian Poole’s strengths and weaknesses before getting into his film…


  • HARD hitter
  • Strong
  • Contest catches well
  • Plays ball well
  • Good blitzer
  • Doesn’t look back to QB when beat
  • Quick to react in run game
  • Willing to stick his head into traffic
  • Good feel for top of routes when in man
  • Solid COD
  • 2nd phase of man coverage he always keeps hands on (if able)
  • Leg strength
  • Drives through tackles
  • Times snap well
  • Route anticipation
  • Knows when to squeeze WR or play through him
  • Not many wasted step at top of routes
  • Plays through hands
  • Solid acceleration
  • Reaction time
  • Accurate hands
  • Power to hold up vs WR lean
  • Takes good angles
  • Attacks blockers or can slip them


  • Height
  • Arm Length
  • Top end speed
  • Get caught staring at QB in zone
  • Will get sucked up out of zones on play action
  • Doesn’t fight to stay square at line in press
  • Looks high in press
  • Hands/body not “ready” enough before/during reps
  • Comes into tackles uncontrolled
  • Tighter then typical slot CB’s
  • Inconsistent awareness in zone
  • Shoots two hands at improper times
  • Opens/angles off too early
  • Footwork in press
  • Shuffles when he should weave
  • Needs to get hands on in press more
  • Leans into shooting his hands

Poole (bottom slot) is very willing and able tackler. Here comes up and makes the tackle on the RB on the one back power run.

Good blitz design by the Falcons here. TE stunt to draw in the RT/RB giving Poole a clean edge while he shows man on the WR. Poole times to snap well and picks up the sack. Jets will benefit from having him in the slot/near the box because of his tackling and blitzing ability.

Poole (top slot) does have mental lapses in zone coverage that can be frustrating to watch. Here the Falcons rush 5 and play cover 3 behind it. Poole gets caught looking into the backfield and allows the easy completion on the out for the first down.

Poole (top slot) displays a solid man rep vs the #2 WR. Poole stays relatively square (does “angle off” a little) at the line, gets two hands on the wr and stacks him. The WR cuts inside and Poole is able to match him.

Another man rep (bottom slot). Poole opens his hips a little early but is able to get two hands on. As Poole is in trail he is able to get his left arm on the WR’s hip which allows him to feel the route. The WR uses a stacked bam step at the top of the route. Poole stays with him

Poole in man again (bottom slot) but this time he is in off man coverage. Poole creeps back, staying square to the WR and then opens up as the WR breaks outside. Poole gets his hands on and squeezes the WR to the sideline.

Started this one late on purpose, because its not about the coverage but the tackle attempt. Coming along with Poole’s reputation for hard hitting is also how he comes into some tackles uncontrolled. Here he comes down on the swing but doesn’t break down enough and misses the tk.

Eagles run a toss with a fake jet sweep to move the defense. The Y-TE arc blocks Poole as the outside WR assist. Poole fights hard through the two blocks to contain the run.Poole drops into his curl/flat zone of this cover 3 defense. Poole matches the vertical stem of the #1 WR, then passes him off as he sees Foles loading up the hit Ertz underneath. Poole leaves his zone to come up and hit Ertz which pops the ball out for the incompletion.

The aggressive mentality comes back to bite Poole (bottom) on this play. Eagles run a crack toss and Poole winds up taking on the RT. Poole tries to shoot inside and underneath of the RT inside of maintaining outside leverage as he has help from inside. Allowing a bigger gain.

Falcons are playing a soft cover 3 on 3rd and 16. The Panthers hit CM on a screen attempting to get the first down. Poole (bottom) comes up and sees the LG coming with a full head of steam + McCaffrey cutting back inside. Poole puts on the breaks, wraps up and drives. Great play.

Poole (top slot) is in man on the #2 WR. Poole is playing with outside leverage and creeps back as the ball is snapped, giving up the first down on 3rd and 6. Would like to see Poole with heads up to inside leverage and squaring which would make this more difficult on the WR/QB.

Poole (bottom) is in man on the #3 WR. The WR gives a stab/head fake outside which Poole reacts to by angling off outside. Poole gets his inside hand on the WR but the WR chops it. Poole then opens inside and gets his left arm on and matches the WR.

Poole (top) is in man on the #2 WR Thomas. At the snap Poole hops back with both feet (not able to cut during that time) and Thomas gets inside. Poole opens his hips and isn’t able to get hands on. Thomas out runs him on the deep over and gets the reception.

Poole (bottom slot) is in off man coverage against the #2 WR on 3rd and 4. Poole angles off outside, making it harder for him to break inside and is hopping backwards instead of creeping backwards or squatting allowing a faster break. Gets beat for the first down on the inn.

Poole is again in man in the slot (bottom) with outside leverage. As the ball is snapped the WR attacks his leverage which Poole reacts to by hopping outside. Giving the WR room inside and allows him to get vertical on Poole.

Brees ends up scrambling out to the left as he doesn’t see anything worth throwing. Poole leaves his zone to come up for the tackle. But again he tries to lay a hit and comes into the tackle uncontrolled. Brees spins him and gets in for the TD. Poole needs to breakdown here.

Poole (bottom) man on #2 changes his alignment as the ball is about to be snapped. Plays the upfield shoulder as the WR breaks inward. Poole gets his upfield arm on the hip of the WR and plays THROUGH the ball to get the PD. Couldn’t have played the ball better here.

Poole (top slot) is in off man coverage against the slot WR. Poole creeps backwards as the WR releases. The WR cuts outside on the “out n up”, Poole takes a good angle to the upfield shoulder. Then is able to change direction and get hands on with the WR and matches him.

Poole is in soft press vs Evans (sorry the video is a little choppy). Poole hops/opens up as soon as Evans jabs outside. Poole is never able to get his hands on and Evans gets the reception.

Poole (bottom slot) takes his exit angle to his curl/flat zone in the cover 3 defense. As Poole is doing so he is reading the QB and sees Winston look at Jackson/load up. Poole breaks on Jackson and plays through his hands to the ball. Getting the PD.

Poole (bottom slot) makes this too easy on Evans as he is in off man coverage. Poole is playing off and heavily outside inside of pressing Evans. Also gets into a shuffle instead of playing more over top in a backpedal allowing for a better/more advantageous break on the ball.

Poole (bottom slot) is playing 3-4 yards off in what many call “no mans land”. Poole doesn’t work to stay square and opens his gate immediately. Leading to him not getting hands on the WR (not about to feel route) and because of this falls hard for the bam step of the WR.

Poole (right side) is playing 3-4 yards off in “no mans land”. Again just my preference that the plays tighter or in “2LOS” coverage. Poole then opens his hips giving the WR the inside. After that point he gets a + though as he never looks back at the QB and plays through hands.

Another Poole sack, not much to show here other then noting that Poole has solid acceleration to the QB. Really just put this in here because this is now AFC East vs AFC East crime (not really though I recorded this on March 23rd)

New Jets CB picking new Dolphins QB. Poole (slot) drops back into his zone in this cover 3 look reading Rosen after he carries Fitz up the seam. Fitz breaks back to help his QB (something going on in backfield). Poole flashes up some good hands to get the INT.

Great play by Poole here on this toss (standing on near hash). Poole avoids the block of the WR by sticking his right arm right into the WR’s chest. Then avoids the RT with lateral agility and double swipes the arms. Then makes the tackle on the RB, hell of a play.

Panthers run IZ weak to the left. McCaffrey has a hole through the b-gap but Poole comes down to fill. Poole meets McCaffrey in the hole, Poole is anchored down while CM has a running start. Poole gets low and drives CM backwards for the tackle.

Mental lapse here from Poole (top slot). Panthers run play action while the Falcons run cover 3. Poole losses the #2 WR as he is sucked inside by the play action allowing the easy reception on the out. Poole needs to play pass to run and watch the #2.

Poole (bottom slot) got lucky that there was a sack here. Poole is in man vs the #2 on the bottom of this cover 1 hole defense. Poole is too passive with his feet as he creeps back instead of getting into a backpedal as the WR closes ground which would allow a cleaner transition.

INT here for Poole (bottom slot) in this cover 3 look. The QB stares down the #1 WR on the inn. Poole reads the QB, drives on the ball and gets the interception.

Good/bad here from Poole (top slot). Poole is man against the point WR. Poole isn’t in a ready stance, is looking high and feet are taking too big of steps/hops which leads to him missing on his punch on the WR. Poole then plays the field shoulder and doesn’t look back too early.

Poole (bottom) in man vs Evans. Poole is in a soft press with outside leverage. Poole falls for the stab outside as he angles his hips outside, not working to stay square and getting hands on. Leading to Evans getting the easy reception on the over. NEED to get hands on WR’s

Some good and bad here. Poole (bottom slot) in man. Would like to see his feet be a little more clean and him not angle off to the inside because it does result in him reaching a little. But Poole is strong through the WR’s lean at the top of the route and is able to match him.

Last play of the review. Poole (bottom slot) is in man coverage. Poole again hops back and splits his feet which is a double negative, which leads to him reaching for the WR (good wr beats this easier). Poole then never looks back as he is catching up which is a +. Ball completed