Initial Reaction: Jets Hire Joe Douglas As GM

Greg Armstrong with his initial reaction to the Jets signing Joe Douglas as GM…

After a much elongated GM search, the Jets finally got what was widely regarded as the top candidate on the market in Joe Douglas. Douglas served as the Eagles VP of Player Personnel before accepting the job offer.

The Jets actually got their guy.

Douglas had been the rumored top candidate for the Jets ever since Mike Maccagnan got fired and while it’s been a tumultuous road to this point, it’s good to see Adam Gase and Christopher Johnson get their presumed top guy.

Douglas was key in building the roster that ultimately brought the Philadelphia Eagles their first Super Bowl title and paid his dues as he spent one year as the Bears’ director of college scouting, and 16 years in the Ravens’ player personnel department. He has the pedigree and the track record to warrant the hire.

Douglas was Adam Gase’s top pick to fill the role of general manager and brings to the table a great evaluator of college talent and also has the ability to bring a good staff with him. The problem with Maccagnan was that he was touted as this great talent evaluator yet failed to recognize mid round talent and routinely whiffed on non first rounders. Douglas brings to the table an ability to not only evaluate talent at a high level but also bring in a staff that isn’t going to be middle of the road.

It’s huge for the Jets to get their guy. It’s very encouraging to see them not take no for an answer when it comes to hiring someone. Christopher Johnson was good at playing to the social and fan aspect of being an owner but being able to close on Douglas is a huge step forward in CJ being the owner of the team.