Crafting A Basketball Team Out Of The Current Jets Roster

NFL Training Camps are quickly approaching but before we get there, the NBA takes precedent. The NBA draft was a week ago, free agency is right around the corner and weeks after we’ve moved on from the NBA season, awards were finally given out. With all that being said, what would a basketball team look like if we were limited to only guys on the current Jets roster? Lets give it a shot!


Backcourt: Sam Darnold, Le’Veon Bell

Darnold is the obvious choice to run point for this team. He doesn’t care so much about all of the personal accolades. Darnold wants to see the team win and makes sure his teammates are in the best positions to make that happen, while also having that threat of taking over a game all by himself. Plus, have you seen his jumper?

Le’Veon Bell is the go to scorer when you need a bucket. Think James Harden. Bell lulls you to sleep just enough before he explodes to the bucket. He does most of his damage with the ball in his hands but is also excellent without. Bell can get score of screens as well as off ball cutting the basket. If he gets in the open court, watch out. Bell’s a runaway freight train when he gets a head of steam.

Frontcourt: Jamal Adams, CJ Mosley, Quinnen Williams

Adams is a guy that every team needs. You love him when he’s on your team and you hate playing against him. Adams is like a cross between Draymond Green and Steph Curry in the sense that he’s talking all game like Draymond and when he nails a three he’s going to shimmy all in your teams face on the way back like Steph. He’ll never take a play off and is a guy opposing teams stay up at night having nightmares about.

Mosley is like an Al Horford. Maybe he doesn’t show up in the box score every night with eye popping stats and you don’t really realize how important he was to your team until he’s gone. You can call him Mr. Consistency. Mosley shows up every day to work and will give you maximum effort in everything from practice reps to after timeout plays late in the fourth quarter. A veteran presence who when he speaks, you listen.

Quinnen Williams on the football field is the new breed of defensive linemen: a big nose tackle who can rush the passer. And that’s why he’s in the starting five for this hypothetical. Williams is part of the new era of defensive tackles so it only makes sense for a big guy like him to fit the new three point shooting bigs of the NBA. Williams can body you down low when needed but will also have the threat of hitting from outside. Think Boogie Cousins without the attitude (except not a defensive liability on the floor).

Bench: Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa, Kelechi Osemele, Chris Herndon, Avery Williamson, Jamison Crowder, Trevon Wesco

Robby is 100% the sixth man of this team. Put him in the game and you’re getting 10 points minimum from him. He’s lightning in a bottle who can go for 60 on any given night. Robby is the Klay Thompson of this team. He rides his own wave (take a look at his social pages) and really only cares about his craft. A fan favorite for all and someone you’ll constantly be tweeting “Robby game?!” about.

I don’t really have an NBA comp for Enunwa. ENUNWA IS MARCUS SMART. If you need a pain in the ass for the other team, Enunwa is your guy. He provides the grit and combat muscles for the entire team. Diving for loose balls and drawing charges is his speciality. He does all of the dirty work. Enunwa can provide offense but he excels at all of the other things.

Osemele is a bruiser. He comes in and he’s grabbing every single rebound known to man. You can’t play him a ton of minutes considering his game is mostly in the paint but he’s going to make the paint his home. You aren’t coming down the lane without getting a hard foul from Osemele or you’re getting your shot sent into the 15th row.

Herndon is your young small forward who is on the cusp of averaging 15+ a game off the bench but he just needs a little bit of time. His offense comes in spurts. Herndon will hit a couple of threes and transition buckets a game when the offense is stalling.

Avery Williamson is the CJ Mosley of the bench. He may struggle with the technical aspects of defense on the floor but his athleticism more than makes up for it. He’s the guy you play with who might get his defensive rotations wrong, you throw your hands up as you walk down the floor and next thing you know he pinned the shot and it’s a fast break. You can count on him to be your defensive stopper off the bench and any offense is a plus.

Crowder comes in as your full of energy speedy guy off the bench. I comp him to Lou Williams (without the multiple girlfriends thing). He lets everyone else get the shine and is more comfortable coming off of the bench. He provides offense in many ways: he’ll knock down some threes, will takeover against bench guards when he’s iso’d and will get to the cup based off his handles and speed combo.

Trevon Wesco is like Montrezl Harrell. That’s a dawg. Wesco will create fits for the opposing team and is 1000% screaming in your face when he blocks your shot. Try to set a screen on him? You won’t do it again once he runs through you. Want to challenge him at the rim? You might draw the foul but you’re thinking twice about going at him again for fear that he will strong arm you into a two week injury. A real bruiser.

10 Day Contracts: Marcus Maye, Trumaine Johnson

Maye and Johnson are on 10 days. Maye needs to prove he can stay healthy. He’s excellent when he’s on the floor but that’s the issue: he needs to stay on the floor and not in street clothes. Johnson was great early in his career but is trying to catch on at this point. You see glimpses of his talent. It just doesn’t come together in every game. He’ll go for 25 one game and then go 0-12 from the field the next game. Both are on the team to prove themselves for a contract for the rest of the season.