TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Third Round Pick, Jachai Polite

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on New York Jets third round pick Jachai Polite…

Taking a look at Jachai Polite’s strengths and weaknesses before getting into his film…


  • Variety of pass rush moves including cross chops, chops, hesitations, arm overs, swipes, double swipes, long arm, spins and ice picks
  • Uses athleticism with extended arms to stack and shed
  • Great athleticism
  • Top end burst
  • 2nd gear while rushing arc is elite
  • Loose hips
  • Bend
  • Will knife though gaps in run game
  • Will wrong arm blockers, also uses a fake wrong arm to get leverage outside
  • Lessens body with shoulder dips while rushing
  • Plays with hair on fire
  • Good technique all around
  • Acceleration
  • Stop-start ability
  • Springy
  • Fights hard in the run game
  • Ankle flexibility
  • Overall flexibility
  • Good feel for avoiding contact in rush
  • Speed in counter moves is very quick
  • Lateral quickness
  • Awareness
  • Sets up angles well


  • Small frame
  • Short arms
  • One locked up by O-lineman is hard for him to disengage
  • Recoil out of 2 point stance limits first step from elite to just very good
  • Can see him press too hard upfield opening big gaps in run game
  • Typically losses at the point of attack
  • Huge question if he can sustain extra weight at NFL level while keeping speed
  • Want to see more overall hand usage
  • While get pushed up arc if lineman get hands on
  • Lack of overall strength because of size
  • Needs to win cleanly while creating/having softer edges
  • Showed up to combine with unnecessary weight and bombed interviews

Polite (bottom edge) shows both some good and bad on this rep. See some of the recoil in his first step that limits him first step from elite to great at times. But then shows good flexibility as he lessens/dips around the corner. Then gets pushed up the arc by the OT.

Polite (bottom edge) is playing over top of the TE but rushes up the arc as the ball is snapped. Showing good speed, bend and flexibility. Polite sees the RB coming to assist, he throws a tight spin through contact and then shows good effort chasing down the QB for the tackle.

Polite (bottom edge) is unblocked by the RT as he blocks the stand up 5 technique. Polite shows the burst off the line and gives the RB a crossover/hesitation and avoids the cut block. Good showing of athleticism but doesn’t get to the QB as he releases the ball quickly.

Polite (bottom edge) in a 2 point stance rushes up the arc. As the LT goes to shoot his hands Polite chops the LT’s right arm with his left arm. Polite then throws a tight spin move which takes care of the LT’s inside arm and then accelerates to the QB for the hit.

Polite (bottom edge) shows good explosion out of his 2 point stance propelling him past the LT + throwing a swipe and the outside arm. Polite in the met by the RB. Polite drops his head, gets his hands inside and extends to disengage. Finds the QB and accelerates for the sack.

One of the issues Polite has (top edge) is his strength and sometimes aggressiveness at the POA. Here gets stood up by the TE off of the line.

Polite rushes up the arc and lack of body mass shows up at times, as it does here. LT takes a 45 degree set as Georgia is running a draw. The LT is able to push Polite far up the arc with an aggressive slap with his right hand.

Polite (top edge, sorry for lag in video) shows off some of the good awareness/recognition that he has. Polite shoots the C-gap, while lessening his body by dipping his left shoulder. Fights through the block and gets in on the tackle.

Polite (bottom edge) rushes at a more direct angle to the RT but changes his angle at the last second to give himself more of a soft angle. The RT recovers with the lean, again showing some of the issues Polite has with his power through his bend/contact. and just misses the QB.

Georgia fakes a run to the right but pitches the ball to the RB flowing the opposite way. Polite (top edge in a 2 point stance) flows with the fake at first but notices the RB working opposite and shows top notch explosion to get the RB, even know the RB tries to alter his angle

Polite (bottom edge) attempts to wrong arm the puller on this counter of with a fake jet sweep. The RG readjust his angle, Polite gets his right arm inside and shows some power/tenacity for his size as he gets his right hand inside and is able to disengage. Accelerates for tackle.

Polite rushes up the arc but attempts to shoot inside as he sees the QB draw coming. He losses the POA as the LT gets his hands inside and drives him backwards. Polite fights off the block by giving ground, then shedding to get past the LT.

Polite (bottom edge) burst hard upfield with one step which gets the RT to react hard outside. Polite shows good stop/start, hips and explosion as he burst inside. Notice how his left arm wipes away the inside arm of the RT to keep clean and he makes the tackle.

One of the issues that will show up in the NFL (to an even big extent) if Polite doesn’t add some weight. If Polite isn’t able to soften his angle enough he will have trouble with OT’s who get their hands on him and push him to far up the arc, which is what happens here.

Polite (top edge) isn’t/doesn’t appear ready at the snap as he is standing straight up. Still looks like he is shot out of a cannon. On his 2nd step his flashes his shoulders at a more direct angle to the LT getting the LT to freeze for a split second to get around. Strip sack.

Polite (bottom edge) has elite explosion and top end speed up the arc, especially from 3/4 point stances which reduces some of the recoil he shows from his 2 point stance. Gets past the RT easily here (who does he his foot stepped on but would still have been beat).

Polite’s strengths aren’t necessarily in the run game mostly because of his size but his weaknesses in this aspect are a little overstated. Here (bottom edge) Polite gets his hands inside of the RT and has a good base. Eyes into the backfield and sheds inside for the tackle.

Polite (top edge) makes another play in the run game. As the ball is snapped he shuffles while reading the run which is a QB counter of. Polite drops his weight and gets extension into the poor block attempt from the LG. Sheds and is able to dive and take out the QB’s legs.

Polite (top edge) avoids the potential chip from the Y-TE as he rushes towards the outside of the LT. Polite throws a swipe/club at the LT after rushing at him nd giving him a hesitation. Polite then sees the QB stepping up and we can’t flatten to him. Good COD to get back inside.

Kentucky runs another QB counter. Polite (top edge) shuffles inside as he is diagnosing. Sees the LG pulling and gives him a stab inside, showing him a potential wrong arm technique. Then uses his lateral agility and hands to get away from the LG and make the tackle.

Polite (top edge) gives the RT a head fake/stab inside freezing the LT’s left foot into the ground for a split second leading to a bad base. Polite takes advantage with a powerful long arm to throw him off balance. Polite stops and throws a cross chop (no RT hand is there).

Polite (top edge) defeats the block of the TE with lateral movement + a club. As he beats that the pulling center is closing ground. Polite keeps his eyes in the backfield and steps inside of the block with good extension and is able to start the tackle on the RB.

Just showing some more of Polite’s speed. Here (top edge) Polite rushes up the arc and gives a head fake/stab inside freezing the RT in place and blows right by him for the sack.

Polite (bottom edge) comes off the ball with good leverage and hand placement but is still moved backwards by the RT who gets a hand inside. Polite then avoids the 2nd block easily (not the most athletic RT). Then closes ground on the RB, doing a good job to defeat the stiff arm.

Polite (bottom edge) aggressively comes at the RT with his first few steps along with a hesitation keeping the RT’s hips inside so he can burst around. Polite then dips his inside shoulder and throws a rip to get around. QB goes to get rid of it and Polite gets hands up for PD.

Pairing Polite’s speed with a spin move can be a dangerous combo at the next level. Here Polite (top edge) rushes up the arc with speed, getting the LT to open up his hips giving Polite an alley inside. Polite throws a tight spin move putting him directly in the path of the QB.

Polite’s play in the run game isn’t a strength but thats due to size not technique, awareness or the want to. Here (top edge) Polite reads run and keeps himself clean from the LG with extension and movement. Then finds the RB for the tackle.

Polite (bottom edge) rushes upfield, sees the RT about to shoot. Polite chops to outside arm with his right and throws a tight spin move (literally spinning off the OT’s hip). Eyes up and sees the QB move so then Polite shows his stop/start, effort and COD skill.

Another really good rep from Polite (bottom edge). Really good burst upfield then again throws a stab/head fake inside to freeze the LT in place giving himself a soften angle. Polite then chops to outside arm of the RT and accelerates as he flattens and gets the big hit and FF.

Polite (bottom edge) shows the ability to alter his speed on this rep. Notice how he comes off the ball at a slower pace. As the RT opens his hips, Polite explodes at a different angle with a shoulder dip to give less of an area for the RT to contact. Leads to the paired FF.

Polite (bottom edge) takes one hard step upfield which opens up the RT outside. Polite burst inside on his next step shooting the b-gap. Showing good contact balance and power to fight through the RT. Getting in on the tackle for loss.

Just wanted show some of Polite’s power. The TE is assigned to block Polite on the backside of this play. Polite again rushes directly at him, dips his shoulder and changes his angle at the last second winning the edge. Throws rip literally taking the TE off of his feet.

Polite (bottom edge) again takes more of a direct angle at the RT and then alters his angle while in the contact window. The RT is able to barely get his hands on Polite as he is flattening but its enough to push Polite too far up the arc and he just misses the QB.

Last play and another example showing that Polite typically needed to win pretty cleanly to be able to flatten to get to the QB. Here tries to use a swipe to clear the OT’s hands which it partially does. The RT is able to reset and push him up the arc.