Initial Reaction – Darron Lee Traded To Chiefs For 6th Rounder

Greg Armstrong with initial reaction to the New York Jets trading Darron Lee for a 6th round pick


While this move wasn’t much of a surprise, the timing of it was odd on the day that the team fired GM Mike Maccagnan.

While Lee showed some promise in this last season, I don’t think there was a tangible step forward as much as Jets Twitter hyped it up to be. His stats were inflated by a great Week One vs Detroit but when you watched him on film you saw most of the same mistakes: missed assignments, slow decision making and being overpowered.

Lee was a first round pick that never materialized into what the Jets wanted him to be. He was brought in to be the speed linebacker that cover sideline to sideline but also could pick up tight ends or running backs out of the backfield. He consistently showed his inability to process plays fast enough and simply wasn’t strong enough to handle bigger tight ends. There was no real tangible improvement throughout his time with the Jets.

In a vacuum, a sixth rounder is a steep drop off for a former first round pick not out of his rookie contract. But the Jets felt like his time with the team had run its course and probably couldn’t find a trade partner before or during the draft. Getting anything for Lee at this point (if he didn’t fit in with the new scheme) is a win for the Jets and interim GM Adam Gase.