Episode 322 – Post-Draft Mega Mailbag (Part 4) w/Chris Nimbley & Paulie B

Episode 322 of “Play Like A Jet” is here! Subscribe on iTunes or check out the audio below. Scott Mason talks to Twitter Legend Paulie Bruzzese  and The Very Big Deal Chris Nimbley of Jetsinsider.com to answer YOUR questions in part 4 of the post-draft mega mailbag!

We had so many post-draft questions that we broke the mailbag into multiple parts and in part 4 we answer inquiries about what happens to Darron Lee now, why Mike Maccagnan drafted so many players with histories of bad injuries, how much we are looking forward to tweeting the #Retiremoms hashtag, whether or not Ja’Daveon Clowney could still be a possibility for the Jets in a trade, and more!

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