TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Houston’s Ed Oliver

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Houston DT Ed Oliver

Taking a look at Ed Oliver’s strengths, weaknesses, best fit and overall prospect ranking before getting into his film…


  • Elite Athlete
  • Burst
  • First step
  • Acceleration
  • Top end speed
  • Tight spin move
  • Hip mobility
  • Good leg drive
  • Powerful punch and hands
  • Will chase down runners
  • Motor
  • Can play 0-5 technique effectively
  • Can drop into shallow zones
  • Gets hands up to deflect passes
  • Quick hands
  • Hand placement
  • Flexibility
  • Bend
  • Rolls hips
  • Aggressive


  • Not a wide variety of pass rush moves, usually just Bull-jerk, Club-rip, Club-arm overs
  • Struggles with consistency vs combo blocks
  • Ducks heads
  • Comes into LOS uncontrolled
  • Worried about power vs NFL lineman
  • Technique lacking
  • Losses balance
  • Not a great feel for blocking schemes
  • Hands are inconsistent
  • Lacks a pass rush plan on a snap to snap basis
  • Rushes with feet narrow
  • Average at shedding blocks
  • Distracted by contact and traffic
  • Lack of counter moves
  • Arm length
  • Gap discipline
  • Low level of competition
  • Shallow base when engaged

Overall prospect ranking- #8

Best fit- 4-3 DT

Going to see this a lot throughout this review but Oliver is an ELITE athlete. Here lined up as a 0 tech explodes off the line with elite burst into the center. Oliver’s right arm lands moving the OC’s hips to the left. Oliver eventually gets by with a push by but slips.

Oliver again lined up as a 0 tech. This a strength of his game (but also something you see way to much where you would see more technique/hands). Oliver comes off the snap reading the OC but decides to drop his head and bull rush. See some of the springy/power he has here.

Hope to see develop more of this in Oliver’s game which could bring him to a pro bowl level. Oliver lines up as a 3 tech but rushes towards the center as the LB rushes the LG. Oliver gives the center a head fake + stab making the center shoot. Oliver throws a club- arm over.

Really good run stuff on 3rd and 2 from Oliver. Comes off the snap against the center and “dents” him as he is the post man in the combo block with good explosion + leverage and hand placement. As the LG comes, Oliver lessens his body, fights through and gets in on the tackle.

Nice rush from Oliver who is again lined up at 0 tech. Gets off the snap quick giving the center a head fake + stab with his left foot. The center shoots wide (never a good idea) and Oliver uses a club rip (could have been a little cleaner) and fights through multiple blockers.

Looks like the O-line was going for a trap block (not great execution). Oliver is way too fast through gaps to have poor executed traps work. Nice bend + explosion to get the tackle.

Oliver is lined up as a 5 technique, showing some of that versatility that he offers the team who drafts him can play him 0-5 technique. Memphis runs a IZ read option. Oliver shows some power hitting the LT who is moving to the 2nd level, then takes on the sifter.

Oliver lined up as a 0 tech. Again shows explosion off the ball while linear and with good hand placement. Which pushes the center into the backfield. As the center is trying to combat Oliver’s strength, Oliver slips past his hip with a club-arm over. Makes an athletic tackle.

Another really athletic play showing how smooth + explosive + the stop/start quickness. Oliver takes the center head on, as he sees the LG coming in to chip him he steps laterally away. Then peeks into the backfield, sees the RB going opposite and uses a club- arm over.

Oliver lined up as a 1 tech takes a lateral step as the ball is snapped (some gap exchange on line) takes on the RG who is blocking down on the power run. Oliver takes him on again with good leverage + hand placement + power. Carrying the RG into the rb for the tackle.

Oliver (1 tech) takes a step to his left but is met by the center and they are running zone. Oliver gets low, uses extension and power to stand the center up. Oliver fights towards the play side, clears his right arm and uses an arm over to win that play side. Gets in on the tk

Another rep to just show the power + explosion that Oliver possesses. The center snaps the ball and slides left as a part of his protection. Oliver attacks the center while low and with power, then uses another arm over to get the hit on the QB.

Oliver (0 tech) takes another lateral step off of the snap (by design) and is met by the LG. Oliver does a good job of getting low, having high elbows and rolling power through his hips which lifts the LG up. Then fights through the LG to find the RB, sheds and makes the tackle.

Navy runs veer with a pitch option. Oliver takes a lateral step (big part of Houston’s defense) which causes the LG to miss his block on Oliver. Oliver lessens his body, is low and fights through the block of the LG/LT and blows up the mesh point of the QB/RB as the QB holds.

This is a good play to show Olivers game at time. Lined up as a 2i tech absolutely destroys the LG with explosion/power off the snap into a hump move. But at the same time is a little uncontrolled and takes himself out of the play.

Oliver doesn’t get by with the club as the center gets his left hand inside. Oliver tries to penetrate the a-gap but isn’t able to as the center gets a lean on him. Oliver feels that lean an counters with a tight spin move (good elbow too) to get the sack

Oliver (2i tech) comes off of the snap, sees the combo block coming so Oliver lessens his body by dipping his left shoulder. Penetrates the b-gap and makes the tackle for loss.

See this too much in Oliver’s game. Lined up as a 0 tech comes off the snap straight at the center (rushing the full man) and doesn’t have a real pass rush plan. Doesn’t get to the QB.

Oliver (0 tech) again attacks the center with a lackluster pass rush plan. Runs upfield and just throws a chop with no stack or counter. Ends up getting by the center with power but can’t do this vs NFL offensive lineman.

See a ton of explosive plays in Oliver’s game but also see these types of plays too much as well. Comes off the ball (0 tech) letting the center get his hands into his chest shutting down his rush early.

Last play. Oliver (1 tech on backside) puts his head down at the snap, getting sucked into traffic and never really reads the counter of. See guys like Q read the pulling blockers and make some sort of play on the ball on plays like this.