TOJ New York Jets Film Review – Florida State’s Brian Burns

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on Florida State’s Brian Burns

Brian Burns – Taking a look at his strengths/weaknesses, best fit and overall prospect ranking. Then getting into film to show these strengths/weaknesses.


  • Athleticism
  • Top end speed
  • Length/wingspan
  • Cod skill
  • Fluid
  • Quick twitch
  • Acceleration
  • Very good bend
  • Flexibility
  • Ankle flexibility
  • Hip mobility
  • Lateral quickness
  • Accurate hands
  • Pass rush moves- Spin, chop, cross chops, swipes, double swipes, stabs, long arm, rips, club-rip
  • Good dip around edge to flatten
  • Lessens body around edge
  • Hand fighting
  • Aggressive hands in pass rush
  • Motor
  • React time
  • Awareness
  • Hands will come up to deflect passes
  • Stride length
  • Counter moves
  • Versatile blitzer
  • Presses inside giving hesitation/head fakes and then burst outside
  • Best burst from 4 point stance


  • Weight
  • Power
  • Strength at point of attack
  • Weaker hands
  • Anchor
  • Lower body very thin
  • Needs to use more consistent leverage in run game
  • Needs to link upper and lower body more consistently
  • Can get stood up by TE’s in run game
  • Will struggle vs athletic OT’s
  • Too willing to attack full man
  • Strength through bend/contact is lacking
  • Gets shoved up arc
  • Needs to learn how to stack better on edge
  • Gets too far upfield/wide allowing big gaps in run game
  • Can he rush through traffic?

Overall prospect ranking- #7

Best Fit- Strict 3-4 OLB

Burns (7 tech up top) rushes through the c-gap as the TE releases on his route. Burns is a quick twitch athlete with top notch acceleration and change of direction skills. Here getting the hit on the QB.

Burns (7-tech on bottom) is to be blocked by the TE on the backside of this run. Burns burst towards the TE, giving him a hesitation and head fake inside. TE ducks his head into the block, Burns uses the club- arm over, flattens quickly and chases down the RB for the tackle.

Burns (bottom edge) is left unblocked on the backside of this sweep from an offset pistol set. Burns comes downhill and presses the mesh point while staying square. When he sees the RB has the ball he uses his acceleration and length to make the tackle.

Really good rush from Burns here. The LT opens up with his hips parallel to the sideline (respecting Burns speed) which means the b gap is open. Burns plants hard on his right, punches away the LT’s outside arm with his inside, right arm is taken away by spin. Burns gets the sack

Burns (5 tech up top) gives the RT a hesitation move, the RT shoots his hands. Burns uses aggressive hands with a swipe/chop and is quickly in the backfield to get the run stuff.

Burns (rushing from bottom edge in 3 point stance) goes to use a double swipe but it doesn’t land as the LT comes wide on a hug technique. Burns is still able to get around because he dips his shoulder not letting the LT land his punch. Absurd bend and good arm length to FF.

Burns (top edge) shuffles lat as he is playing the RB handoff and to maintain the backside for a QB keep (he does). Burns eventually shoots towards the QB but the QB tries to jump cut away and Burns gets the FF. Rarely going to get away from Burns because of agility + wingspan

Burns (right side in 4 point stance) burst off the snap towards the RT, which keeps the RT’s hips square (allowing Burns to later work outside away from extended hands). On Burns 2nd step he changes his path and uses a swipe + chop. Bend + flexibility + hip mobility + technique

Burns (4 point stance bottom edge) rushes to the outside of the RT. The RT opens his hips and shoots. Burns plants hard off of his right, chops away the outside arm with his left effectively beating both hands on a tight 3 step spin move and gets the QB hit.

Another crazy play from Burns (top edge). Burns crashes down on the mesh point with great speed. The QB is late to give the ball because of Burns crashing down so hard but finally decides to. Burns attacks both the QB and RB with his top notch wingspan. Another FF.

Another play and another FF. Burns is left unblocked on this IZ read option. Burns crashes down to the mesh point and the QB decides to keep the ball. Good eyes from Burns to recognize that so quickly. Then forces another fumble on the QB.

Another ability that Burns’ wingspan/length provide him is the ability to get his hands on passes. Burns (top) isn’t able to get to the QB as he has to alter his path because of the two TE’s releasing on their routes. Burns reads the QB’s eyes and sees him throwing the swing. PD

Burns (left edge) rushes up the arc with an altered speed. As he closes ground on the LT he gives the LT hesitation/head fake inside which gets the LT to shoot. Burns gets low and ducks the punch with a left arm stab to keep distance. Great bend/flexbility/length to get the FF

This is where some of Burns major question marks are going to come in. Burns (top edge) gets stood up in the run game by a TE. He needs to set a more aggressive edge and deliver a stronger punch to the TE. Will get much more difficult at the NFL level.

Burns (top over the point man in trips set) shows off his athleticism/length here. The outside WR lays a terrible block that Burns gets by easily. Burns chases down the WR using his length to drag him down. Rarely see guys get away from Burns in the open field.

Burns (bottom edge) shows some of the slight recoil that he has in his get off, which if he fixes he could take his first step/explosion to the next level. Uses a swipe and chop on the outside arm of the RT. Drops his weight and shows nice bend to get the near sack.

Burns (top edge) takes more of a direct path at the LT. As he closes that ground Burns gives a hesitation/head fake at the LT which locks his right foot into the ground. Burns then dips around the arch with nice bend. The LT pushes Burns slightly up the arc and he slips. Near sk

Burns (5 tech on bottom edge) uses really good leverage and extension to beat the RG on this block. Burns also uses good hand placement, then a push-pull to shed the block. Just misses making the tackle on the RB on this veer run for the stuff.

Would like to see more of this in Burns game/develop it. Burns rushes from the bottom edge. Shows his burst/speed which gets the LT to open up and be unbalances. Burns then turns his hips directly at the LT and uses a bull rush. Getting into the QB’s face, just needs to disengage

Burns (top edge) rushes against the LG. Burns inmates contact with the RG, getting low and good hand placement. Uses a quick push-pull into a arm-over/chop and then gets to the QB for the sack.

Have been pretty positive throughout the Burns review but want to end the review showing some of the major downfalls of Burns game. Here on bottom edge he drifts too far up the field/outside setting up a huge gap for the RB through the b-gap

Again another bad edge set by Burns (bottom edge). Drift too far outside/upfield and doesn’t properly stack the LT, creating another big hole in the b-gap. Btw notice by boy Bradbury (OC) getting his hands on two guys which springs this run.

Burns (bottom) shows another one of his weaknesses. He beats the LT around the corner with dip and speed. But if OT’s get even a decent push on his shoulder/waist he gets pushed up too far up the arc and isn’t able to finish the play. Power/balance while bending isn’t a + trait

Burns (bottom edge) again shows the lack of power through his bend and taking on contact. Shows good burst, bend and dip but the LT gets his hands on as he is flattening which ends Burns rush. More often then not Burns is going to have to win pretty cleanly prior to flattening.

Last play of the review. Burns (bottom edge) shows the speed and a good cross chop on the right arm but isn’t able to finish as the RT gets his left hand on the hip, then re-sets the right hand and push Burns up the arc and out of the play.