TOJ DraftSZN Roundtable – NFL Draft First Round Thoughts

A TOJ Roundtable of final opinions on the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft

Day 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft is finally here and the Jets have a ton of options tonight. Thankfully, Jets fans aren’t freaking out about a quarterback this year but with all the remaining needs, this pick still carries weight. Will they trade back? Will they go BPA regardless of position? Will they fill the need at edge? The DraftSZN team takes you through our recommendations for the Jets first round decision.

Dalbin Osorio (@DA_Osorio)

Alot of people have said this isn’t that good a draft, but to be honest: I love this draft, and here is why. There are so many guys with All Pro potential at positions where we are seeing all-time greats retire or just end up in some really obscure places. Rob Gronkowski is gone, but here come Noah Fant and TJ Hockensen. Terrell Suggs is gone from Baltimore, but Brian Burns is about to terrorize QBs something serious. It’s a good time to not need a QB.

My recommendation would be to just take #GoodJoshAllen, who I think is the kind of player that will win a Defensive Player of the Year or two in his career. That’s #PlanA, and has been for a few months. Absent of that, I’d love a trade back where we leave this draft weekend with some 2020 draft ammunition, and a combination of Noah Fant and Dalton Risner, and then grabbing another WR (DK Metcalf in R2?). You know how you win in a conference with Bruno Mahomes, Baker and Beckham, Lamar Jackson, and the rest of the young QBs the AFC currently has? Youre going to have to outscore them. And diversifying this offense is the best way to do that.

Let’s go win.

Joe Malfa (@MalfaJ98)

For the first time in a long time, I have absolutely no nerves or worries for the Jets tonight. I see two possible scenarios, and I am perfectly fine with either. Option A, they stay put and take a blue-chip defensive lineman. We can debate about who is the best of the bunch among Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, Quinnen Williams, and Ed Oliver, but the point is they all have All-Pro potential and I am happy with whichever the Jets end up with. Option B, they trade down. There is a lot more variability here because we would have to see how far down they trade and what they get in return, but there’s almost no way for the trade itself to turn out bad. Emphasis on “the trade itself” because there’s no way of knowing whether or not the selections turn out to be busts. On the surface, any trade would allow them to still make a selection in the top half of the first round, which is littered with defensive line talent (keep Garrett Bradbury in mind as well at center). In addition to that selection, they would likely end up with a second rounder which could turn into Sam Darnold’s new toy and another first round pick next year. In a nutshell, they either end up with a blue-chip pass rusher or a first rounder this year plus a second rounder and another first next year.

My recommendation would be to trade back if possible because that would allow them to satisfy more needs, but I would not complain about selecting one of Bosa, Allen, Williams, or Oliver either. It’s amazing how relaxed we could be heading into a draft with the QB already in place.

Greg Armstrong (@GregArmstrong_)

For me, a trade down would be the best possible scenario. This team has far too many holes to address with just one pick in the first two rounds. If Washington really wants to come up to three, a deal with the basis of this years first (15th), their second (46th overall) and next years first (with potentially more considering the huge jump up) for the third would have me happy as a clam.

At 15, I’d love to see them either go Brian Burns if he’s still available or Garrett Bradbury. Burns is my favorite player in this entire draft and I think will have the best career out of all of the edges in the class. Bradbury would fill the gaping hole at center for the Jets and could potentially be Sam Darnolds center for the duration of his career in Green and White.

If they stay put, I’d like to see them go Quinnen Williams. Miss me with the “Another iDL?!” talk because Quinnen isn’t your typical iDL. He can create pressure by himself, handle double teams and is good ag

Clay Smarslok (@CSmarsNFLDraft)
I have not been shy in saying what I think the Jets should do with their first pick. If they stay at three, there have been four names in consideration and my order for those four goes Quinnen Williams, Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, Ed Oliver.

Quinnen is the best player in this draft and has no concerns to his game. Williams has arguably the highest floor, while also having the highest ceiling. Nick Bosa is a fantastic player in his own right but has had injury concerns and what seems like a limited ceiling, not low, but limited. Then there are the tweets in his past that will raise questions in the media and by the fan base.

As for Allen and Oliver, I would not be furious but would be disappointed if they decide to pass on the other two. While these two are both very good players, their talent doesn’t come close to the Quinnen or Bosa. With Allen and Oliver you’re betting on potential and development and with the third pick, I would prefer the safer pick that has just as high, if not higher ceilings.

With that being said, I am still looking for a trade back, if possible. I know you won’t see talent like Quinnen or Bosa later on but the team still has several needs on the roster. To expect them to fill them all in this offseason is unfair to ask but it would be nice to fill as many as possible. Now if they take a trade down without equal or better compensation than what they gave up to draft Darnold then it would be a very disappointing result.

At the end of the night, the Jets are going to get a good player, but the options I would be ecstatic for are drafting Quinnen Williams or Nick Bosa at 3 or getting great compensation to trade back to 11 the latest and taking Brian Burns, Garrett Bradbury or Jonah Williams.

Daniel Essien (@JetsandJollof)

“TRADE DOWN!” It’s been my battle cry all off-season and I think it would be the best case scenario. Unfortunately, it’s harder to find a partner than it is to declare your open for discussion. If any team from pick 1-11 makes an offer and it includes a 2020 1st round pick, I believe the Jets should take the offer no matter who is on the board.

If the Jets can’t find a trade partner, then we encounter the dilemma at 3. Nick Bosa falling to to them would be the ideal scenario in this case. If he’s gone then it gets interesting. I wrote earlier this week about the issues I have with the Jets stacking IDLs on the roster. If there was a chance they’d take Quinnen Williams or Ed Oliver they should’ve put Leonard Williams on the trade block. Especially if they believe enough in either player to take them 3rd overall. If “stuck” at 3, I think the Jets should take Josh Allen. I think a team that has ignored a premium position while drafting poorly outside the 1st round, doesn’t get to hide behind BPA. I also think Josh Allen has a great chance to succeed in Gregg Williams’ defense.