Robby Anderson – King Of New York Jets Social Media

Greg Armstrong on Robby Anderson’s increasingly dominant game (and social media game)

The last two years surrounding the Jets have been filled with talks of culture change despite still being bad on the field, a lofty nickname for a below average secondary and fans bickering with each other about whether or not Mike Maccagnan should stay as the GM. But through all of the dark times, there has been one shining light: Robby Anderson (and his social media game).

Robby has been the best Jets receiver on the roster for the past two seasons. He should’ve had a 1,000 yard season in 2017 if Josh McCown doesn’t get injured and in 2018 grew a nice rapport with Sam Darnold towards the end of the seasons. He has expanded his route tree, gotten stronger when high pointing the ball and has established himself as a possible WR1 as opposed to just the deep threat he was in his rookie season.

But he’s also become the most electric Jets player on all forms of social media. Fans wanted him cut last season because of immature things he did/said and he’s really done a great job of restoring his image. He seems more mature and focused, knowing he can be something special (or maybe because he’s in a contract season). Jamal Adams is being an ultimate recruiter and making the Jets a go to spot for top level free agents, Darnold is getting ready to take over the AFC East and Robby…well Robby is focused on the more simple things:

Two things on this. 1) What a relatable tweet. A lot of athletes like to tweet inspirational quotes or sayings or things that us regular human beings simply cannot relate to. But Robby? He likes when the suns out later. Have you ever met someone who *doesn’t* like when the sun stays out later? Bet you haven’t. 2) He retweeted his own phenomenal tweet. What a flex. Most people retweet their own tweet and it stinks. A bad tweet we don’t want regurgitated on the timeline. But Robby knows his audience. It was a good tweet on March 11th and he felt the need to retweet it on March 28th for all of those who may have missed it whether they were taking care of their children, making dinner or simply stuck in traffic. He knew how relatable this tweet was and knew it needed to be brought up again as the sun may not have been getting its proper respect for staying out later.

Eluding to my earlier point, he’s never been more focused. Maybe you were confused and thought “Robby, you weren’t focused the first couple of years??”. He made it a point to clear that point up for you. Athletes tweet cryptic messages all the time but Robby wants no stone left unturned and makes it known that he has always been focused for you naysayers.

He is absolutely correct. Riding in the front is the absolute worst. More often than not, you don’t get control of the aux chord. Everybody knows that goes to the driver. I recently took my first Uber (I moved to a big city) and let me tell you, riding in the back made me feel like a king. I didn’t get anxiety thinking the driver was giving me the side eye and judging me for opening Twitter eight separate times on my six minute ride home. I simply sat in the back, made no eye contact with the driver and opened Twitter as many times as I needed with zero conversation with my driver except for “Hello” and “have a nice weekend”. All through our youth we want to sit up front but little did we know that the back of the car is where the real kings (or queens) sit.

It may have been that he’s a very recognizable Jet that he got court side tickets but I’m going to believe that it was because of the Sun tweet that MSG *needed* to have him sit court side. The first picture is so relatable because its everyones parents trying to take a selfie. If you don’t believe me, ask your parents (mom or dad) to send you a selfie. I guarantee it is almost a carbon copy of Robby in that particular photo. Not really knowing what face to make and very seriously staring into the camera like he’s taking a school picture and doesn’t know how/want to smile in that setting (aka me).

Now for the second picture. Have you ever seen a celebrity on the big screen at games? Very rarely do you ever see them show emotion. It’s a fake smile or a nonchalant “I got court side tickets because I’m famous” wave. Robby is having none of that. He’s enjoying every second of being on the jumbotron at the worlds most famous arena. He’s just like all of us if we saw ourselves on the jumbotron. Happy as a clam.

Jamal Adams gets a lot of respect for being the best dressed Jet almost every single week. Robby has this swagger where it seems like every outfit he has makes him the Jets drip god.






Sam always wears the same thing: a plain shirt, jeans and some Nike Janoskis. Jamal wears very intricate outfits and very clearly knows the most about fashion. Robby decides that he wants to be comfortable while also displaying his fashion sense. It’s not the suit and tie or the dressed up appearances. Robby wears what’s comfortable and his swagger just adds to the drip for almost all of his outfits.

Robby went to the Central Park Zoo last weekend (His 11 chain is big fire). But what makes this so relatable is him taking the video with half of his face in it while his (I’m assuming) respectable is unaware, on her phone in the background. We’ve all done this move before. It’s a cute move and your significant other nine times out ten asks you to delete the video or picture. But Robby is having himself a day looking at tigers and other various zoo animals with his (again, assuming) respectable lady. Again, a very relatable move.

What a flex. This is a king move. He stunted at the horrific Jets jersey reveal. Everyone I knew that was there said he had the most swagger on the team without even trying. Now he’s putting up a poll on IG asking whether or not he should buy his own jersey? That’s my WR1!!

Robby has not only vastly improved over his career as a wide receiver, but also on social media. He types exactly how he speaks and he doesn’t glamor things up just because he’s a star athlete on a New York team. He’s actually very relatable. As a guy who has seemed immature over his career, he seems to have turned a page on his football career and his personal life. He’s a fun guy that seems to really embrace who he is at every moment. He has mastered social media and has become a must follow for every single Jets fan. Here’s to Sam throwing him more touchdowns and Robby posting more GOAT tweets.