New York Jets – Pre-Free Agency 7 Round Mock Draft

Clayton Smarslok with a seven round mock draft for the New York Jets in advance of free agency…

Before the craziness that is NFL Free Agency, why not put out one last mock draft? The Jets are currently a very needy team heading into free agency with only a couple spots absolutely secure. After trading with the Raiders today for Kelechi Osemele, their cap space now falls to 83 million which is still more than enough to fill many of those holes. But we’re going to act like the draft is right now.

Using The Draft Network’s Mock Draft Machine and their predictive board, these are the best results the Jets and their fans could hope for. Whether you agree or not, let me know!

Round 1 Pick 3

OT Jawaan Taylor, Florida

I know what you were all expecting. Myself, Scott Mason, Joe Blewett and a couple others have been advocating for Quinnen Williams for a while now. But luckily for the rest of you, Williams and Nick Bosa were the first two off the board. That left me to choose between Taylor and the top two edge rushers, Brian Burns and Josh Allen.

The Jets will give an absurd amount of money away to get Gregg Williams an edge rusher or two in free agency, making this a pretty easy decision in my mind. Taylor actually faced off against both of these guys while at Florida and did more than hold his own. Taylor may not be a left tackle but the right tackle position has practically become just as important over the past few years. Taylor brings a strong and athletic presence to the line that definitely needs some help in both protecting Sam and getting some push in the run game. He has no problem getting physical in a power run scheme or getting on the move more often in a outside zone scheme. This won’t be a sexy pick by any means, but with trading for Kelechi Osemele, likely Mitch Morse or Matt Paradis to fill the center position, you can top it all off with drafting a future cornerstone to grow with Sam for 10 years.

Round 3, Pick 4

CB Trayvon Mullen, Clemson

Heading into free agency, the Jets currently have one starter at cornerback in Trumaine Johnson and then a bunch of unproven young guys who were drafted in the sixth round from the previous two drafts. This has quietly become a position that the Jets have a massive need at and Mullen falls right into their laps. With Gregg Williams coming in, he is like Bowles in that he wants physical corners that can play in press situations and that’s what Mullen brings to the table. His athleticism was a question mark on film but seemed to do enough in the combine to lessen those concerns. In a defense that should be very aggressive, Mullen can definitely fill in as the other outside corner, opposite Johnson.

Round 3 Pick 29 (Bridgewater trade)

WR Terry McLaurin, Ohio State

Heading into the Senior Bowl, McLaurin was just another name to me. Knowing he was from Ohio State, he was bound to be a great athlete but I had very little information about him. Then came the first practice and he stood out to me. His route running, speed, quickness and hands are that of a very reliable player at the next level. Personally, it would be a shock to see him fall this far but if he does the Jets should hand in that card as soon as possible. He is an ideal Z receiver who has the ability to play at all levels of the field. What McLaurin also brings is a “dawg” mentality. He’s not afraid to chirp at defenders, will get physical with blocking and is always pushing for every last inch. Would love to see one of my draft crushes suit up in green and white next year.

Round 4, Pick 3

HB Darrell Henderson, Memphis

McLaurin falling to the late third was a big surprise, but this one may have been even bigger. Henderson was among the fastest running backs at the combine running a 4.49 40 last weekend and has the film to back up his traits. So to see Henderson fall to the Jets would be an amazing surprise. He has the ability to hit a home run any time he touches the ball and that 8.9 clip in each of the last two seasons proves just that. He could step in and maybe not be the main back right away but play a vital role. After the trade for Osemele, what Gase plans for his running scheme is up in the air but if they plan to stay in an outside zone scheme, Henderson would be a fantastic fit.

Round 6, Pick 23 (Osemele trade)

TE Tommy Sweeney, Boston College

Just yesterday we saw the Jets were looking into the idea of trading for Darren Fells, a 32 year old blocking tight end. He ended up being released from Cleveland but I don’t see the need to sign him when you can just draft a younger version later in the draft. Sweeney isn’t overly athletic or strong but he is reliable. With his strong yet soft hands and his plus blocking technique, he can provide some depth at the position that they don’t quite have. They obviously want to help build the offense for Gase and Darnold, and Sweeney would be a great value pick in the back half of day three.

Round 7, Pick 3

WR Keelan Doss, UC Davis

Not many people are going to know the name Keelan Doss or his alma mater, but the kid can play. He looked like he could handle the tougher competition when in Mobile, even playing well in the game with four catches and 53 yards. He has a good body standing at 6’2 211 but his playing speed at the size is in question. Unfortunately he didn’t run any of the drills at the combine so he couldn’t answer any questions there. Doss has been compared to players like James Jones, Cooper Kupp and Keenan Allen and while he may not have the upside of Allen or even Kupp, there is no reason to think he can’t provide help as a big slot at some point early on in his career.