Initial Reaction: Anthony Barr Backs Out Of Agreement, Stays With Vikings

Greg Armstrong with initial reaction to Anthony Barr about signing with the New York Jets

Initial reaction to Anthony Barr changing his mind about signing with the Jets…

Well thats certainly something. The Jets had the agreement in place yesterday for Barr for $14m a year, presumably to use him as an edge rusher in Gregg Williams’ defense. From what I’ve gathered on Twitter, Barr took less to stay in Minnesota where he was more comfortable. A tough hit for the Jets, especially since other dominoes have already fallen.

Now this isn’t the end of the world. Barr is a versatile player but he’s never been used primarily as an edge rusher. If you’re paying a guy $14m a year to rush the quarterback, he better be good. I understand the logic in the move but at the end of the day it doesn’t break the franchise that he left.

This now opens up more space to sign Leveon Bell, Matt Paradis and to sure up the cornerback depth on defense. There’s no excuses for being outbid for these guys with Barrs contract no longer relevant. Mike Maccagnan has made good moves to start free agency but now the pressure starts to rise a little bit with the free agency pool starting to grow thinner and thinner.

Somewhere, Darron Lee just dropped his slice of Chuck E Cheese pizza in excitement.